I've got the golden key

It's in my hands,

You've got the music,

You're leading this dance

You move soft and slowly

And I'm easily on my knees

This room is my confessional;

Muttering prayers and pathetic pleas.

The story is familiar

You've told it before

Between moments I can't remember;

My tongue was too sore

And my eyes as well,

From crying you songs;

This would end all over the floor

And I knew it all along.

Every time your eyes flashed

They seemed a little darker

Each note was painted over me

In magic marker

They revealed more than music

They showed you my soul

I was a symphony once

Until I was left without the pieces you stole.

I've got the golden key

The door is only four spins away

But the music that you're whispering

Is begging me to stay;

And the dance you've got me tangled in

Barely leaves time to breathe

The floor is loosing its balance

And I don't think I can leave.

You've got the moves to make me crumble

And I'm easily on the floor

This room is my confessional

And I can't handle any more.