This is for SerialxLain because she corrupted me in disturbing ways or did she. Actually this is for her...just because you can put quarters in his belly button.

Aiden reached his hand into the jar, pulling out a homemade chocolate chip cookie. He sat down at the bar in the kitchen thinking about his friends and what he had done with them. Those thoughts soon wandered to the time that he lost his best friend, Mason.

Nibbling on his cookie, the memories flooded back into his mind. The day didn't seem that long ago even though it had been years since the incident happened.


Aiden skipped happily down the cement walk and up the porch of his best friend's house. Today they were going to sneak out to the old saw mill way back in the woods and poke around for buried treasure. What made it even more exciting was the fact that it was private property owned by some mean old drunk guy.

He opened up the white door and entered Mason's familiar home. Nothing ever really changed inside of the house. Aiden could almost walk around it in the dark after all the times he spent there. Aiden walked to the bottom of the stairs and hollered for Mason to hurry up.

"I'll be down in a second! I just need to take a shower really quick," answered Mason.

"Alrighty. Hurry up though! We don't want to get caught!" replied Aiden as he made his way up the stairs and into his friend's room.

Aiden sat down on the bed taking in the room. His room changed. Posters of movies and bands were replaced by pictures of Mason and Aiden, his girlfriend, and Adrianna Lima from Victoria's Secret. His girlfriend was very pretty and she made Aiden jealous that he couldn't have Mason to himself. The one thing that Aiden wished for more than anything was to have Mason more than a friend. All of his intimate dreams and fantasies involved him doing something sexually related. Right now, Aiden was hoping that he would come out of the bathroom totally naked and make love to him and say that he never wanted to see his girlfriend again.

He sighed in disappointment, for he knew that there was no chance in hell that Mason would ever even think of doing that. His eyes roamed around the room again and came to rest on a small pile of clothes in the corner of the room. Girl clothes. Her clothes. Mason's girlfriend's clothes! Aiden suddenly got smacked in the head with a great idea to make Mason want him more.

Quickly he stripped down and threw on her clothes. They fit perfectly. He looked himself over in the mirror that hung on the closet and grinned at his reflection that smiled back. Perfect he laughed.

"What are you doing in my room? And…and why are you wearing my girlfriend's clothes?" asked Mason who was only in a towel and shocked at the sight before him.

"I would say that I'm wearing them obviously," replied Aiden smartly.

"Why the fuck are you wearing them," Mason growled back.

"I…I was hoping…" Aiden shuffled his feet nervously into the carpet not sure of what to say to his friend. "I was hoping that you would like me more in her clothes. I've...well I've always wanted to be more than friends with you Mason."

Mason strode over to his bed and sat down. He had no clue how to take all of this at once. For God's sake! His best friend was wearing his girl's clothes and saying that he loved him! How was he supposed to handle that?

Aiden realized the disgust and confusion on Mason's face and burst into tears realizing that he should have never put on the clothes.

"I'm so sorry Mason. I…I don't even know what made me do this," cried Aiden.

Mason stood up and walked over to the sobbing boy on the floor and pulled him up onto his feet, dragging him to the bed. Much to Aiden's surprise, Mason kissed him. A long, deep kiss that had filled his private dreams for years. Instinctively, he returned the kiss just as passionate as Mason.

"I love you," moaned Aiden.

Aiden never got a reply but he gasped in surprise as her clothes were quickly yanked off of his little body. Mason's towel was also missing much to his surprise. He still couldn't believe that all of this was happening to him after all of these years of waiting.

Soon after, bodies were explored, things were penetrated, and Mason and Aiden were left lying on the bed covered in sweat and other bodily fluids.

Aiden rolled over to meet his lover's eyes hoping for another kiss. This was way better than exploring the saw mill. He got to explore what he always wanted to instead. However, Mason was crying. In all the years that he knew him, Aiden had never seen Mason cry. Not even when his sister was killed in the car crash years ago.

"Wha…what's wrong?" Aiden asked in a panic. "Are you hurt? Do we need to call the hospital?"

Mason glared back at him. It scared Aiden. Did he do something wrong?

"Leave, Aiden. I don't want you here," he sneered back.

"Mason, why?" Aiden was at the verge of tears. He still didn't know what he did wrong.

"Just fucking leave!"

Aiden scurried of the bed pulling on his own clothes and rushed out of the door and down the stairs. What did I do? What did I do? Were the only things going through his mind as he reached for the door knob? As he turned the doorknob, a single gunshot echoed through the house.

"Mason," whispered Aiden. Suddenly he bolted up the stairs racing towards the room he just left moments ago.

Slowly he pushed open the door. There was blood everywhere. On the walls…on the bed…on the windows…and on the ceiling. And there was his friend. His best friend in the entire world…with a hole in his head.


Aiden screamed his way back to reality dropping the cookie that was still latched into his hand.

"Mason I hate you! Why would you do this to me? Why…"

Looking for an escape, Aiden yanked out a cupboard drawer spilling the contents over the floor with a loud clang. He grabbed random pieces of silverware, stabbing forks into his arms and gouging the flesh from his legs with spoons. Finally he came across a knife. A very large knife.

Aiden crawled to the corner of the kitchen, trailing blood along the way, and sat down admiring the piece of steel in his bloody hands.

"This is for you Mason," he laughed and drove the knife deep in his wrist, slicing tendons and arteries.

His childhood flashed before his eyes. Daddy teaching him how to ride his first bike, Mom cleaning his cuts from falling out of the tree, his sixteenth birthday a month ago when he got his first car, and then…Mason. His pretty face came into view.

Aiden smiled weekly to the memory and whispered, "See you soon."

Yep...there you go! I hope you liked itbecause it was fun to write! was. Sorry that the sexish part sorta sucked but im bad at it. Thats why Lain is writing anything sex related in our story.