As the door creaked open, all three of them quickly froze. Light filtered over the ceiling of the locker room and streams escaped through a few holes in the lockers. Wayne turned to Adriel and mouthed silently, "Go, check it out..." Adriel nodded and stood up straight, glancing down the hallway but seeing no one there, just the open door.

Wayne struggled with Lily, pinning her under him, almost completely immobile, and removed the knife from being pressed up against her neck. He tossed it to Adriel, who caught it without cutting himself, but barely so. Adriel looked at the knife, then back at Wayne, puzzled. "Just in case it's not a teacher. We really don't need any goddamn do-gooders right now."

Adriel nodded and slipped into the hallway, trying to be as quiet as possible. He wasn't doing very well.

Wayne turned back to Lily, who was opening her mouth wide to scream, but his large, meaty hand, easily covered it before anything could get out. She struggled with him, trying to get him off or at least his hand away, but he was much to strong for her. Suddenly, she felt something like cold metal being shoved up into her jugular, and a click. She froze, recognizing the sounds all too well. It was Wayne's father's .45 calibur pistol that he kept under the seat in his truck to show off when he was drunk.

"No one's going to save you this time. Not Brendan, not any student, and no teacher is going to come in here this early. You're going to be mine." Wayne hissed, pushing the barrel in further, almost making her gag. She nodded weakly. If he got what he wanted, maybe he wouldn't be as pissed if Brendan was the one that had come in. Anything to keep him from getting hurt. She closed her eyes and felt Wayne's cold fingers slipping under her underwear, beginning to pull them down. Anything...

When Brendan arrived at school that morning, he saw Lily's father's truck pulling away and quickly parked in the senior parking lot, barely remembering to lock his door before rushing into the school building. He expected to see Lily sitting there with Thomas, waiting for him, but she wasn't there. He walked over to Thomas, confused, and sat down.

"Hey man, what's up?" Thomas asked, smiling at him.

"Have you seen Lily?" Brendan replied quickly, looking around the cafeteria but still seeing no sign of her.

"I think so... But she disappeared before I could call her name. Maybe she's visiting teachers or some friends." Thomas shrugged, taking a drink out of his water bottle.

"I doubt it... This is really weird. She told me she'd meet me here this morning. She said she missed me a lot... Why would she just run off to meet with teachers or friends she hasn't spoken to for a looong time?" Brendan said aloud, mostly to himself. Thomas shrugged again and smiled warmly as Alexis came running up to the table. Instead of immediately latching onto Thomas like she usually did, Alexis turned to Brendan, catching her breath.

"Lily's in trouble!" She said urgently, pulling him to his feet.

"What??" Brendan and Thomas exclaimed, staring straight at her.

"I overheard him on the phone last night talking to Wayne about some revenge on Lily. I asked him what the hell he was talking about and he wouldn't tell me. Then he delibertly left early this morning without giving me a ride. I had to wake up my dad to get here. But something's really bad going to happen to her, I can feel it." Alexis said, looking around for any sign of where they might have gone. She spotted a group of jocks standing around where Wayne usually was. Pushing Brendan over there, she and Thomas stood a few feet away, watching him.

"Hey um, guys. Did you see where Wayne went this morning? Maybe?" Brendan asked, trying to seem cool enough to talk to them. Half of them rolled their eyes, but one freshman, looking nervous, spoke up about him going to catch some chick down a hallway, which he was pointing at. The rest of the jock-looking guys were now glaring at him strongly and Brendan guessed that he was NOT supposed to say that.

Brendan thanked him and rushed off, keeping a fast pace until he got into the hallway where teachers and Assistant Principals would see, where he broke out into a full-on sprint, Thomas and Alexis keeping, but not easily. When he reached the boys locker room, the first place a scared girl would probably dash, he stopped and turn around to face the other two.

"I'm gonna go in there, you guys stay out here. Wait 7 minutes, then come in." Brendan said quietly, looking both in the eyes.

Thomas nodded, and Alexis questioned, "Why 7?"

"5 might be too little and 10 might be too long." Brendan replied, Thomas nodding in agreement. Alexis shrugged and Brendan turned around, opening the locker room's door. He slipped inside, silently, and looked around. Right down the hallway was Lily's backpack and jacket, lying on the floor. He rushed forward to them, checking for any indication that she might be hurt. He saw nothing that noted she was or wasn't.

Brendan's ears pricked up as he heard footsteps approaching, the kind that were attempting stealth and failing miserably. He slid near a row of lockers, hiding himself in the shadows and between two rows of lockers that were spread just enough for him to squeeze into. Sure enough, Adriel rounded that corner, walking straight by him without even noticing. He held something in his hand... From the way he was gripping it, it was obviously a blade of some sort, but he had no idea how big or sharp. Sliding out quietly, he quickly caught up with Adriel and wrapped his arm around Adriel's thin neck, grasping the hand that held the knife. Wrestling it out of his grasp, he put it up to his throat.

"Scream and die. Where are Lily and Wayne? Where'd he take her?" Brendan whispered, just loud enough for Adriel to hear, but nobody else. Adriel gulped and nodded, beginning to walk forward, Brendan on his tail.

Wayne had barely gotten her panties down an inch when Adriel rounded the corner with Brendan up behind him, holding Wayne's knife to his neck. Brendan took a sharp breath, seeing the gun barrel pressed up against her delicate throat and his fingers under her underwear. The gun was already cocked. Immediately, Wayne raised the gun and aimed at him, a cold look in his eyes. He was obviously pissed.

Adriel was beginning to shake, and Brendan steadied the knife's position. "You want to shoot me with your croney right here?" Brendan hissed, glaring harshly at Wayne.

Wayne lowered the gun, then grinned and shoved it back into Lily's neck, "You want to cut him with a gun in your girlfriend's throat?" He replied haughtly, still watching Brendan. Brendan quickly released the knife, letting it drop to the concrete floor, making a loud banging noise.

"Don't hurt her. Please." He let go of Adriel, who nearly fell over with relief, bending down to pick up the knife before turning it back on Brendan. "Do whatever you want to me, just don't... Don't touch her anymore."

"On your knees." Wayne hissed. Brendan immediately complied and Wayne stood up, leaving Lily there, shaking. He walked over to where Brendan was, slumped over and staring at the ground. "You would die for this whore?" He asked, standing over him.

Brendan raised his head to look at Lily, who was now sitting up somewhat, Adriel close enough to make sure she wouldn't leave. Her hair was a mess, all over her face and tears were running down her cheeks, her eyes scratchy and red from the crying. Still, she had him in awe of her. "She's not a whore. She's my love... My life. My reason for going on. I would do anything for her. Anything." Brendan said softly, a tear rolling down his cheek. He squeezed his eyes shut as Wayne placed the barrel at the top of his skull.

"Anything?" Wayne repeated, expecting Brendan to try and snatch the gun away or duck down.

"Anything." Brendan nodded, opening his eyes again to see Lily crying, her face in her hands, her head shaking.

Wayne laughed, removing the barrel and instead raising his hand high and coming down quickly. Brendan caught it in an flash of movement, twisting the arm around, in very much the wrong way. Wayne's chuckle quickly turned into an outcry of pain. Brendan stood up, forcing Wayne's arm into a more awkward and painful position, now making Wayne kneel in pain. He bent down and forced the gun from his fingers, de-cocking it and throwing it to the side.

"Now you get to make a decision. Would you rather have your arm broken and lose your chance for the footbal season or never touch, look at, contact, or think about Lily again?" Brendan growled, staring straight down at him.

Wayne whimpered and tried meakly to pull away, but Brendan only forced his arm a tiny bit more, increasing the pain quite a bit, but not breaking it quite yet. "Which one?"

Suddenly Brendan was caught off-guard by Lily's shout in warning, and he barely looked up in time to move, millimeters away from having a knife shoved into his shoulder. Brendan leaped up, kicking Adriel square in the stomach, sending the knife flying away as he was thrown into a pair of lockers, falling down immediately after. Wayne pulled away and tried for the knife, but Lily was up in time to kick it away from him, but only so much where it was a few feet away now.

Wayne glanced at Brendan, who was a couple feet behind him and they both stared before he was making a rush for the knife. Brendan dove for it, but his fingers only hit concrete and he fell onto his back as Wayne came over him, his eyes glinting with malice as he raised the knife high up. Brendan braced himself for impact, raising his arms to help stop it, but nothing came.

When he opened his eyes again, Thomas was behind him, wrestling with Wayne's closed fist and trying to force Wayne onto the floor. Brendan got up and helped, nearly tackling him. As soon as he could, Thomas used the hilt of the knife and bashed it into the back of Wayne's skull, quickly knocking him unconcious. They let his body hit the floor and Thomas helped Brendan up, wrapping his arm around his shoulders to steady him.

"Glad you didn't say 8 minutes..." Thomas said after a moment, getting a slight laugh from Brendan, who was still staring down at Wayne.

They made their way down to where Lily had been, and Brendan was suddenly tackled by Lily, who had taken the time to put on her pants again. Brendan returned the embrace strongly, feeling her whole body shaking in fear... Or happiness. Or both. Lily burried her face in shoulder, murmuring, "I thought I was going to lose you again... Forever."

"That will never happen, Lily. I promise..." He whispered into her ear, holding her tightly against him. Alexis stood behind her, smiling softly. Brendan assumed that Thomas had sent her to check on Lily and himself went after Wayne.

Just then, the bell rang, signalling the students to begin to head for their classes. All four of them looked down at Adriel. "We'll go flag down a teacher... Tell them to call the cops. Lily, you're going to have to talk about this. So are you, Brendan. And Thomas. And me...." Alexis muttered to herself, looking around. She and Thomas headed for the doorway that was closest and actually led out into the main hallway, not just the gym's section. Brendan kept his arm around Lily as they began to gather up her things that had fallen out of her pockets during the struggle.

Heading down the hallway for her backpack, Brendan immediately noticed that Wayne was no longer lying there. "Shit..." He muttered, quickly heading down the rest of the hallway and shoving through the door to look down the gym area's hallway. He saw just the students, all filing in for PE or Athletics, but didn't recognize Wayne in all of the chaos. He returned to where Lily was, handing her her backpack. "He's gone." He said.

Lily knew exactly what he was talking about and sighed inwardly. Of course he was gone. Nothing was ever that easily over with. Adriel was now beginning to stir and suddenly a teacher and a coach busted into the room, the lights flickering on. The coach noticed the gun immediately and Adriel slumped over, but twitching. "What the hell happened?" He cried, bending down to see if Adriel was okay.

"He and Wayne Cofsky. They tried to rape me. Brendan came in to save me, but Wayne pulled a gun out. They got into a fight... I don't know what else..." Lily trailed off, glancing at Brendan.

"I got the gun away, but he got a knife. He was going to stab me, but Thomas got in here just in time. We wrestled with him and knocked him out for good measure. But he escaped when we were helping Lily. I don't know where he went." Brendan finished, nodding seriously.

"Are you serious? He tried to rape you in here? Did you even know this Wayne?" The teacher asked, crossing her arms.

"Yes! I was dating him, but he raped me and I didn't want to be with him... He tried to rape me again a week ago, but Brendan saved me there, too. He's raped me 4 times and tried to rape me twice now. I want... I want to press charges." Lily finished softly.

"I want the reporting officer to be Officer Hawthorne. He'll take good care of her." Brendan commanded, keeping his arm around her shoulders securely.

"And this one?" The coach asked, motioning to Adriel.

"He was helping Wayne. If he can tell me where Wayne might've gone, I won't press charges. But if he can't, I want to." Lily nodded firmly, feeling less and less weak every second.

After the cops arrived at the scene, Lily was escorted out and interviewed by Brendan's father, and they also caught up a bit. She'd really missed him as well as Brendan. Brendan was also interviewed, along with Thomas and Alexis. Lily was going to be taken downtown for questioning the next day and they were all excused from school for the next couple days as the school calmed down in general.

After a week, Wayne was nowhere to be found still. The cops had checked everywhere they could think of and had no clues to lead them elsewhere. His family was refusing to give any information, his mother a lawyer and knowing just what to say and what not to. No one was talking to Lily or Brendan, just staring and she got used to it for a while. They left for their tournament and came in third place, mostly because they hadn't practiced in weeks. But they both agreed that they would try again next year. After a month, everything went back to normal, but there still had been no sign of Wayne. The cops kept the file open and posted fliers, but it looked pretty hopeless. Adriel's case was still awaiting trial and Lily was all prepared for it.

As she lay in Brendan's arms one Saturday night, a month after the locker room incident, Lily realized everything had actually turned out okay. She was getting over what Wayne had done to her; she would never really forget, but she wasn't thinking about it nearly as often anymore. Alexis and Thomas also seemed to have grown closer over everything and they two actually were snuggled up on Brendan's other couch. All of them were watching Lain, but none of them seemed to actually be paying attention. If this is how the rest of high school and probably her life was going to be, Lily was quite alright with it.


AN: Actually, I plan to write a sequel. I re-wrote the 18th chapter because I couldn't really write a good sequel with it, so I hope you guys like this one better. I know I do!