I wandered through the darkness,

My eyes blinded, my sight hindered,

My ears deafened, my hearing mangled,

My hands restricted, my touch mired,

My beating heart a slow painful death died,

As my mind traveled, traverse the maze,

Through eternal time and endless space,

Unlocking the treasure chest with a key,

Unlocking within the memories of you and me.

All this time a question lingers,

Where did it go wrong?

When I broke your heart with lies,

Or when I the brutal truth,

That put between us, a distance of miles.

Yet, even now my mind is clear,

On the memories I hold so dear,

So clearly it is within me,

The memories of you and me.

Without my eyes I can still see,

Your beauty as you smiled at me,

Without my ears I can still hear,

Your gleeful laughter ringing near,

Without my hands I can still touch,

Your delicate curves which I love so much,

Without my heart I can still feel,

How deep my love for you is still.

With honeyed lies I shielded you,

Protected you without your knowing,

With brutal truth I shattered you,

Your trust in me before my eyes shattering.

Now we are but two,

Lost souls wandering anew,

You moved on with strength I admired,

For me, it was only escape I desired.

And, escape I did…