Don't you notice? The pain and despair in those eyes.
Don't you notice? The love and hate in those eyes, and how it tears at them.
(Can't you see that it's all for you?)
Don't you notice? The conflict and indecision there.
Don't you notice? The guilt and self loathing they see in themselves as a mirror passes by.
(How can you not know they do it all for you?)
Don't you notice? How they look at you?
(Hoping that you can see something, anything, when you look at them.)
Don't you notice what they gave up?
Don't you see it was for you?
Don't you see them dying?
(Dying for you.)
(How can you not know its all for you!)
Dying because they lost you, because they LOVE you because without you they feel incomplete, hoping wishing, even praying that you to can still be friends because without that friendship, they just may fall to pieces.

Don't you notice? How much they need you.
That every single day they think about you.
Don't you notice? How they are falling to pieces.
Don't you notice? That they are not ok.
Don't you notice? That it's all a front?
(That they pretend to be fine)
Don't you notice? They wish they could change everything.
(That they already have. . . .)
Now that you have been made aware of the situation, do you notice it now, written in red in a letter to you.
(Blood red)
And as you rush to them it's too late.
The river is red and flowing freely.
Now do you fully realize its all for you?