Chapter 11, The Attack

Lance: C'mon let's go

Rina: Where are we going?

Lance: Look. I don't ask girls out but if it's you then yeah.
Rina (thinking): A date?...

So they starting walking around the streets.

Lance: Hey. Are you thirsty? Wait here, I'll go buy some water.

Rina: Okay.

Suddenly, a crazy man holding a knife charges for Rina.

Rina: Ahh!

The crazy man tries to hurt her and Rina tells him to stop.

Rina: Help! Help!

Then Lance hears Rina's cry so he quickly runs to see what's happening.

Lance: Hey you! Leave her alone!

He punches him.

Crazy man: What the?! Why you...

They start fighting.

The man gives a hard punch in Lance's stomach.

Lance looked as if it had hurt a lot.

Lance: Damn...

Rina: Are you okay??

Lance wanted to kick him but then the police came. They took him away.

Rina (thinking): Why does he have such a big reaction?

Rina wanted to ask Lance but then he walked away.

Things are starting to get weird..