Blood is thicker then water turned to wine
by a Rabbi's bony hand -

biblical thistle;
the coarse woolen smock over his shoulders, or
the crown he was given to die in.

(He is your dead king
yet you spit on his ancestors.)

in your

you inveigh
as though you are entitled
to hate so strongly -

a Jew
with a Jew wife
and a Jew baby,

or the flock of onlookers
standing on a hill top
where the crucified Jew
lets out one last hoarse moan
and births the seed of what we
will be taught to know as Christianity

the Christ machiavellian -

onward Christian soldiers

Don't let your boot heels
leave anyone else standing -

all those who might remember,
and all those who might know.

Or his cup; running
spilling the nectar of peace

dead and dry promises;
you teach your children to hate
on principle,
rather then fact

(lies have always been glittery daggers
that the church shoves down our throats
for silence, anyway)

and to think
with each new Jew you kill
your just killing Jesus all over again.