Chapter 6: Return of Bartelby


All she could think about was pain. A searing pain she never before knew. More powerful than anything she had ever felt before.

The strange thing about this pain was that it was not a pain felt in her physical body. The strange thing about this pain was that it was a pain felt in her very soul. But even so, this did not make the pain any less powerful.

No matter what, she had to keep running. If she stopped or even slowed down it may be too late.

When she finally reached her unknown destination, she saw a horribly unnerving sight. Lying before her was Emily's lifeless body in the beautiful field of Moon Lilies. It was too late.

"No… it can't be…" Alexandra could not bear the death of her best friend. Emily had been not only her best friend, Emily was her rock. Emily was always the strong one of the two, if she couldn't do something nobody could, and now that she lay dead before Alexandra, there was no safe place in the world. Nothing was good anymore.

"Of course it can" Bartelby appeared behind her, almost out of nowhere.

"You…" Alexandra glared.

"Yes yes, I killed your best friend I know all about that. 'Oh how merciless are you, killing her like that without even batting an eyelash,'" he mocked. "But you know what? I was never shown any mercy, why should I have shown her any?!"

"You… she's… dead." Alexandra was speechless at the death of her lifelong best friend.

"Yes, we know that already," he said walking out the door and toward Emily.

This time, upon leaving the castle, he did not disappear. In fact it was quite the opposite; he glowed.

"Wh… what? This… doesn't make any sense." Alexandra was confused. Nothing made sense anymore.

Bartelby, having reached Emily's corpse, stood at her feet, turned around, smirked at Alexandra, and fell straight onto his back and into Emily's body.

Her glazed eyes flashed yellow for a moment and changed to a beautiful emerald color, her hair darkened the slightest bit to a beautiful golden rod that was not her own, her shoulders broadened, her chest became less feminine. Sitting up, the new figure took the switch blade that once slit the throat and killed the body and soul of Emily and cut off the long, beautiful locks of hair that kept this body Emily's.

At this, Alexandra knew one thing for certain; this was not Emily.

This was Bartelby.