Eris Templeton sat back in her living room's most comfortable chair, sighing happily as the credits on the TV screen began to roll upward lazily. She stretched out her arms, fingers entwined with each other and arched her back slightly. Her best friend, Taryn Marks was sprawled out on the floor, gathering herself slowly and enjoying a long stretch as if she were a cat arching its back before getting to her knees and waddling over to turn off the DVD player along with the TV.

"I told you we'd never get sick of Pirates." Taryn said, grinning and staring straight at Eris, who shrugged. "Even if we did watch it, what? Twice a day when it first came to DVD?"

"Pft, noob. I watched it at least 4 times a day back then." Eris replied nonchalantly, holding her head high. "But then again, I didn't have a job or any obligations back then..." She lowered her posture, standing up and heading into the kitchen, Taryn right behind her. Eris opened the refridgerator and grabbed a Diet Coke, popping the top and leaning against a counter, taking a long swig.

"Well, it's not like we really have jobs now." Taryn shrugged, sliding back onto a counter so she was sitting on it, swinging her legs like a little kid when sitting in a chair too tall for them.

Eris lowered her soda to the counter and crossed her arms over her chest, "Hey, writing is SO a job. And so is editing."

"Whatever, Ms. Constant Writers Block. If your trilogy wasn't such a hit, we wouldn't be able to afford this place anymore. You really need to start something else before that money starts slowing down..." Taryn suggested, looking out the window of the kitchen in their 3 bedroom apartment that was quite spacey, but modestly decorated. You honestly wouldn't expect a smash hit author to be living in something that looked so homey.

"What happened to that big ol' check you got for editing my book and being my agent? I thought you put it in savings?"

"I did, but after that trip to E3, I've only got about two-thirds left. That won't support us for very long if your (word I'm thinking of) start getting smaller."

"Okay, okay. I've still got the notes from that, I'll throw together a few articles and start looking for my next inspiration..." Eris sighed, emptying her drink and tossing it in the recycle bin. She slipped back into the living room, plopping down on the couch. Taryn approached the refridgerator herself, opening the door and bending slightly to look around in it. Frowning, she shut it and went to the pantry, finding nothing satesfactory either.

"Eriisss..." Taryn whined softly, shutting the pantry door and going over to Eris, sitting by her feet. "We don't have any food again..."

"Whose fault is that? You were the one that was supposed to do the shopping this week. I cannot be blamed for this." Eris stated, shaking her head at her friend.

"Well, let's go out to eat, then. Lets go to Joe's! Maybe Cid will be there!" Taryn launched to her feet, grabbing Eris's arm and trying to drag her up and along. Cid was their favorite waiter and was always there, day or night. He told them once that he was working 50 hours a week in order to be able to afford to build a house for his fiance and him to live in when they got married.

"No, I want to be here in case Chloe calls and wants me to come get her. She's at her first sleep over, you know." Eris only allowed herself to be pulled into a sitting position, staring straight up at Taryn sternly.

"Oh, how could I not know? You've been going on about it for the past week and a half. 'She's growing up! She'll never be home anymore! She's gonna move out before I know it'" Taryn mocked, rolling her eyes. "Please. She's 5 and a half. Just started kindergarden."

"I know, I know... It's just, I feel like she's gonna start spending more times with families that are actually complete, you know? And she's gonna start asking about her father... I can't explain it to her right now! She wouldn't understand. Hell, I don't even understand." Eris wrapped her arms around herself loosely, looking down at her lap, memories of her daughter's 'sperm donor' resurfacing, still too fresh in her mind.

"Well, if she does ask before she gets mature enough to talk to about in detail, just tell her that there are good daddies and bad daddies and sometimes daddies that aren't even there or something. Invisible. Like the wind." Taryn was moving around gently with her body and arms, doing her best to immitate the 'wind'. Eris and Taryn burst into laughter and Eris felt a bit better.

"Yeah, I'll think of something... I'm a writer, it's my job to say simple things with big, descriptive words that make it easier or more interesting." Eris grinned, leaning her head upon her best friend's shoulder. "I just hope to God I never see her dad again. Or so help me..."

"Tch, so help you? I'll let you step on his neck or something when I'm done, if he's still alive. He's fucking dead if I ever catch up with him." Taryn smiled, patting Eris on her head. "Come on, Joe's pizza will make us feel better. And we can discuss animoo (anime, just a different word they use for it when around each other) with Cid! It'll be awesome!" She glanced at Eris, who still didn't seem convinced. "It doesn't get better than that! Pizza, animoo, Cid...?"

"Alright, alright. I'm bringing my cell phone and if Eris calls, we're leaving right then and there." Eris sighed and gathered her things from the corner table, standing up. She was rewarded with a big hug (glomp) and squeals of delight from her roommate.

They headed down the hallway after locking their apartment's door and into the elevator, which was empty. Not uncommon, most people don't head anywhere at 9:30 on a Tuesday night. But they were writers. Meaning they had no real schedule. The doors closed and the elevator began it's slow descent and Eris just stared ahead at the figure reflected in the mirror, staring back at her. She had long, fiery (naturally) red hair that she usually kept down because it was too thick and wavy to do too much with. The hair offset her skin, which was fairly pale, as most redheads were, but seeing as though she stayed inside most of the time, she was even more pale. She wore casual black slacks and a green tank top that brought out her equally green eyes.

The girl standing beside her was currently 'jamming' to the elevator music, bobbing her head back and forth and swaying from side to side. Her brown hair was much longer than Eris's and would always be so, reaching just above her behind, which Eris always poked fun at. It was a bit big for her figure, but it worked well for her. Her eyes were both green and blue, one of each on either side. She currently wore a slightly short skirt and long sleeved top with boots that came up to her knees. As far as she knew, Taryn was the only one that could accidently dress up like a whore quite often. Once a cop actually stopped her when she and Eris were out late after a midnight showing of a movie let out. Oh, how hard Eris laughed when they finally were out of earshot of the policeman.

The elevator stopped at the bottom floor, and they both stepped out, nodding at the night shift's guardperson. As far as they knew, his job was to sit there, read the newspaper, and occasionally fall asleep. Climbing into Taryn's tiny two-door car, Eris had barely strapped herself in when Taryn squealed out of their parking spot, gunning it to the exit.

"One day someone's going to be behind you!" Eris shouted over the loud animoo music that was streaming out of the speakers. This was pretty much all Taryn listened to, while Eris preferred more alternative and rock type groups. Taryn shrugged.

"And when they are, they'll learn a valuable lesson like the guy at the mall did!"

Eris just laughed and enjoyed the somewhat short trip to their favorite Italian place, completely unaware of who was tracking her down right at that moment.

AN: Sorry this one's kinda short, but I had to switch to a different person and I haven't figured out how to make a good way of showing that yet. Hope you like!