Chapter 25 (Epilogue)

It had been almost two years since the night Caleb had tried to drug Eris. The pretty redhead sat in a dressing room on a comfortable couch, her daughter, now 7 sitting beside her and listening to an mp3 player. Her phone buzzed in her right pocket and she dug it out, flipping open the screen.

"I'll bring home some pizza. I'm sure you'll be needing comfort food. Love you."

She smiled to herself and looked over as Chloe leaned sideways to look at the screen.

"Daddy's a dork. You guys are married, you don't have to say 'love yoooou' with everything you do." She rolled her eyes but smiled on the inside.

"Maybe that's what keeps people married, sweetheart." Eris replied, closing her phone and putting it back in her pocket, her entire face beaming. Even after 6 months, and living together for even longer than that, she still got butterflies when he called or text her.

The dressing room door opened and both redheads straightened. A familiar brunette came outside wearing a snow white wedding gown the fit her curves perfectly. Her chest was pushed up nicely by a built in corset and the dress flared out below her hips in a gossamer-like material, floating elegantly behind her.

Eris and Chloe both let out small gasps.



Taryn rolled her eyes, "Yeah, put some more effort into it. I know that we've been here for 3 hours, but you can't go duo-syllabic on me and think I won't notice." She walked forward, studying herself in the mirror from the side before facing herself and pulling the veil pinned in her hair up over her face.

"You look even better than Mommy did at her wedding!" Chloe ran up and stood next to her, looking at the two of them in the mirror before grabbing the sides of her dress and beginning to spin in small circles.

"As much as I'd love to disagree, my daughter is a genius and is probably right." Eris winked as she approached as well, admiring the silhouette of her best friend.

"I think we may have found the perfect one. I don't even have to get it altered very much." Taryn turned around to face her, a big grin on her face, "I can't believe it!"

"I know. Two weeks from now you'll be Mrs. Taryn Marks and Eric will be Mr. Eric Marks." Eris embraced her friend in a warm hug.

"I'm so glad he was totally okay with that!" Taryn smirked, patting the littlest one in the room on the head, "That's how you know you found the one, Chloe."

"No Chloe. When he can put up with someone as insane as your aunt, THAT'S when you know you found the one." Eris stuck her tongue out, pulling her daughter to her side, "Now let's hurry up and buy this overpriced piece of fabric. Johnathon's bringing home pizza."


A couple of hours later the five familiar faces were gathered around Eris and Johnathon's dining table, 2 pizzas set in the middle and everyone eating their share, save Taryn who was 'only' having 3 pieces cause she still wanted to fit in her wedding dress.

They watched a movie together afterwards, the couples on separate couches and Chloe sprawled out on the floor, holding onto her worn-looking stuffed Spongebob. She fell asleep before the credits rolled and as the soon-to-be-newlyweds left, Johnathon scooped up the tuckered out child and carried her into her bedroom, laying her down in her bed and shutting the door. He turned to find his beautiful wife standing in the doorway of their bedroom with an engaging look in her eye and he eagerly followed.

Shutting the door, he pulled her petite body close and kissed her with a deep hunger, slowly edging her to the bed. A little while later they lay together, Eris resting her head on his chest and tracing her fingertips up and down his muscled stomach.



"I want…" She sighed, moving upwards to look into his eyes, "I want another baby."


She blinked, "Just like that? Okay?"

"I missed out on so much with Chloe, I would give anything to get that back. I want to be there for our next child, I want to see everything that I didn't get to before. Even the not so shiny parts." He smiled, kissing her lips softly, "Making the baby is fun, too."

A huge smile spread across Eris's face, "Oh Johnathon! I can't wait!"

"I was hoping you'd say that." He grinned, pulling her small frame on top of him and deepening the kiss.


"Another baby dude? Grats!" Eric high-fived his best friend and old roommate. Johnathon smiled and sipped a Corona as 'the game' continued on Taryn's giant flat-screen. Taryn and Johnathon had long ago switched spots in the apartments and it was the easiest move they'd ever had.

"Yeah, I want a boy. I have a feeling those ladies are gonna overpower me pretty soon." Johnathon leaned forward in the recliner, "You thinking about kids?"

"We just got married, don't I get a breather now?" Eric pretended to be annoyed, but kept a huge grin on his face, "I want her to myself for a little longer."

"I think she might also eat her young." Johnathon winked just as Taryn entered the room.

"I heard that." She murmured, setting something on the counter.

"Love you honey!" Eric shouted.

"Uh huh." Taryn opened up the fridge, grabbing a Diet Coke and setting the kitchen timer. She took a seat next to Eric and turned her attention to the television, intent on drowning out their man-talk.

"So how is marriage?" Johnathon asked, emptying his beer.

"Oh, it's great. She cooks… Well, not really. She cleans! Well, kinda. She's uh…" Eric glanced over at his wife, who raised an eyebrow at him, "She's got a great ass."

Taryn rolled her eyes and kissed her husband on the lips.

A few moments later the kitchen timer went off and she stood back up, grabbing the small object off of the counter and staring heavily at it.

There was a minute of complete silence, aside from the TV.

"Well fuck!" Taryn yelled, rushing over to Eric and punching him on the arm.

"What?!" He exclaimed out of surprise, not to mention pain.

"You asshole!" She thrust the tiny object into his hands, "Explain yourself!"

"What the…" Eric trailed off and Johnathon immediately recognized what was in his hands.

"Blue strip is positive, dude." He smiled.

"Oh what the fuck." Eric's eyes widened, looking up at his wife, "This is yours?"

"No. It's the dog's." Taryn rolled her eyes, "Good job, genius. 'Just one time won't hurt.' Whatever." She sat back down on the couch next to him, pulling up her shirt slightly and studying her flat stomach.

Johnathon smiled just as Eris and Chloe walked in, "This should be fun."


Author's Note: Wow. It's finished. That's amazing. Now to revise, edit, revise, edit, and revise. Should be fun. Hope you enjoyed!