An Observer watched as the Intellect marveled at his own creation:
effervescent eyes were cast upon thorough semantics
to provide a certain pomp
– it seemed –
though the former was not intent to conclude.
Energized by feats so lonely to his disposition,
the Intellect rounded up the nearest passer-by,
cautious that this man
– this abstract Observer –
may at least emanate a pretense of interest
in what had just been achieved.
Heralding a particular success upon a summit of
wrinkled pages, scratch marks, ink blots,
the Intellect produced his document
in shameless faux humility, a motion all too eager even for the
Observer not to dismiss.
Wistful to sate his own sense of accomplishment,
the Intellect intrusively queried for a reply.
The Observor blinked, once, before expressing a comment in passing,
before turning his attention toward other things.