Broken asphalt

Flies into the spaces between my lashes,

To disperse

Salt flakes.

Rushing blue and past,

The ocean sways,

Just out of reach.

(fingerprints on fogged-up windows;

Lips against nothing.)

Wind in my hair,

Kidnaps my breath

To fill your cup of coffee with gasps and recompenses.

The steam, insidious,

Crawls into the corner of my eye;


(pretend I wasn't looking)




As your grip on the steering wheel.

As my hands in my lap, no warmth.

Iron trembling, wrinkles in the pool.

The mist escapes my teeth,

The frozen lair,

The mint green spears through.

I inhale sharply,

(A crucial mistake.)

There is hope in the breath

Caught in the swinging dream-catcher that

You won't let go.

Roaring engines keep me captive,

Yellow boundaries teetering,

I still can't break free.


Driving down interstate five, I remembered when you smiled at me.

Still trying...