Alera awoke to the sound of wailing from the room across the hallway. It was one o' clock in the morning, looking at the alarm clock beside her bed. She was half asleep but the cries kept on until she was fully awake and angry. She tossed and turned, hoping to ignore the horrible noise but it persisted and she finally pulled herself out of her comfortable bed.

Alera threw on a robe and touched her feet to the ice-cold floor that bit her flesh and made the stubble on her legs prickle. She recoiled like the floor was made out of lava. She reached for a coat hanger and reached over with it like an extended arm to pull her house shoes closer to her. Once she got on her house shoes that had moose heads on them, she opened the door to the hallway.

Her parents were obviously sound asleep and that pissed Alera off even more. It was THEIR kid, not hers that wailed all night long. It wasn't even her sister. Her parents consisted of her mom and her step-dad. So it was her new stepsister. Her stepsister was named Nathaniel and she had only spent two months in this trailer and Alera already hated this new addition.

She opened the door to the room. Nathaniel was still in tears but her crying ceased when she saw a hero open the door. She cooed and played with her feet. The window was letting in a cold breeze. Alera shut it and locked it. "There, are you happy, you spoiled little brat!"

Nathaniel was still wining. The small six-pound bundle of vomit and stinky diapers screamed as Alera approached the door. She turned back and approached the cradle. She led the tall jail bar like wall of the cradle down and sat at the foot of the cradle. Nathaniel wanted to be up in her arms. "You pathetic little child, I'm not going to pick you up!" She said, turning away.

Nathaniel cried until Alera picked her up in her arms and even then she was snotty. The child was cold. Nathaniel tugged on the blonde ratted up curls that were on the shoulder she was on. "Ouch! Stop that!" Alera winced in pain, nearly dropping the bundle of snot.

Once the baby stopped cooing, Alera lay her back down in the cradle. She continued to look at the small child with anger. The baby turned to her side and put her thumb in her mouth. Alera's anger ceased. She looked down at the child from behind the bars. She patted the handful of hair that was on Nathaniel's head. "Goodnight." She said as she closed the door carefully and quietly.