Please Just Walk Away

by, Cassandra

You've seen what I've become. I'm losing everything I was, everything I could, would be, so why do you still want me? It makes no sense, I'm a mess, so unlike you, perfect in your imperfections. Let me go, find your wings. "Baby, I'll just hold you back." You see right through all my lies. I want to wallow in the nothing I am, so why do you still say I'm beautiful? Don't say its love, because it's not. I can't love you, I don't know how. I'm incapable, it's impossible to change this person I've become. Walk away, please, walk away. I don't want you to see me like this. Close your eyes and just walk on by. Seriously, I wouldn't blame you if you do. You don't need me, I'll pull you down, get you dirty, ruin your life, so why won't you listen to me? You've seen what I've become, lost in all my flaws, imperfections. Never perfect, always wrong. You've seen what I can do, let you go, watch you fly, watch you touch the sky. Don't try to change my mind. It's better off this way, you know. I know, you know, its better. So please just walk away. Please, just walk away.