It Works Both Ways

by, Cassandra

So if you think you can run, just think again, my love. I'm not letting you go again. That was my mistake, my bad. This time it's going to last forever and ever, no end in sight. Try if you must, you'll never be free. I'll follow your heart beat to the ends of the world. I know you too well, you'll never escape. We were made for each other, can't you see? Resist all you want, you will succumb to my tender touch, to my everlasting love. It's too late now, the knot is tied, the vow was made, the treaty signed. This is it, our happily ever after. We're going to last forever and ever. Run if you must, I shall find you and bring you back into my home, my bed, my heart, my arms, my love. We belong to each other, it works both ways. I am yours and you are mine.