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The door to the apartment building is left open, she makes her way out of the snow and towards the steps, she loosens up her scarf as she begins to climb past the second floor.

"Why does this place have no elevator?" she murmurs to her self as she removes her coat to hang it over her arm.

She reaches the third floor and can already hear the racket coming from the fourth floor. She climbs half way and sits; she doesn't want to be caught in the middle of this fight. One of them will run out soon and she will be there to talk to them.

"I can't believe you are doing this!" The black haired girl yells at her partner, tears threatening to spill over her cheeks.

"I'm not doing anything, it's my job" Patrick tries to explain to his girlfriend.

"You promised we would go back home for the holidays. You said you wouldn't take another long tour!!" Her dark eye shadow and liner start to smear as the tears she attends to hold back win.

"Do you have any idea of how much I'm going to get paid?" He tries to keep his voice down, not to let the frustration win, but when his girlfriend gets into one of her moods it's hard.

"I don't care! You said the same last time! You where gone for six months, six fucking months. What good is this apartment and the stupid queen size bed in our bedroom, if I am always alone here!!

They had been friends for six years before they started dating and soon it would be their second anniversary, an anniversary that he would have to miss if he took the job.

"You know I love my job and you knew how often I'd be away from home before we started dating. God Amanda did you really expect me to change?"

No, she never expected him to change, she loves Patrick and knows that his job is part of who he is, but she misses him. He never used to take such long tours; this one would go on for almost seven months. Two years 'together' yeah right it was more like a few months.

"I expected you to be here! When you asked me to move in I thought I'd get a chance to live with you."

Patrick tried to go near his distraught girlfriend, but she immediately walked away circling around him towards the kitchen. She stood in front of the sink and turned the water one. The discussion was over; she knew she wasn't going to win.

Patrick hung his head, he knew it wouldn't be easy to get back on her good side. They needed the money, she would say no. That she had a good job and if he took local gigs they would be fine, but god he loved his job he loved touring and even more with 'Puddle of Dreams' it was there come back tour. How could he turn them down? God he'd make enough on this tour to stay at home for at least six months after.

"We could take a trip when I come back. We could go to London…"

"I don't want to go to London" Amanda said drying of her tears with the back of her hand and continuing to soap up the glass she held in her other hand. "I wanted to go home for Christmas with my boyfriend. I wanted to visit you grandmother and my parents. I don't want to go back there alone"

"Next year I promise" Trick was almost sure the worst had gone, he felt safe to approach her, to make promises he would try his hardest to keep.

Bang. The glass shattered against the floor about a foot away from where Patrick was standing. Amanda stood still in front of her sink. "You promised me that last year"

This was getting them nowhere. Patrick wasn't willing to give this job up, and Amanda wasn't going to let him go with out a fight. Things where close to crossing over the line, things could get ugly, it was time to walk away, they both knew that. When Patrick turned for his coat and scarf Amanda didn't resent him for leaving. When the door clicked shut she fell to her knees and cried.

What happened to strong confident Amanda?


She heard the crash and she jumped up dropping the book she was reading. The door opened and closed and she felt relieve. She soon heard heavy foot steps coming down the stairs. She picked her book up and placed it in the messenger bag.

"Hey" She looked up at her friend. "God I'm still not used to your hair color"

"Trick. Well it's my natural color. I still can't get used to your new hair cut; I was very attached to your Mohawk"

Trick passes a hand over his bald scalp filling the prickle of the new hairs. "It was time for a change" he pauses taking his friends coat "I'm guessing you could hear us"

The red hair nodded as she turned and started climbing down the steps with Patrick behind her.

"You did promise her" She says after a few minutes of silence.

"I know I did" Patrick says hanging his head down. "It's Puddle of Memories, their first tour since Kate's death"

"Wow" Her eyes lit up momentarily forgetting about her other best friend "Will you get me tickets?"

Trick chuckled "Why couldn't Amanda take it that way?"

Jessica gives him an embarrassed smile and threads her fingers through he wavy red hair. "She spends a lot of time alone in that apartment"

They reach the door and Patrick opens it for them "She works from home, even if I had a regular job she would spend a lot of time alone"

"Get real Trick" Jessica turns to scowl at her friend "Like that is the same"

"I can't say no to this job"

"She will get over it. Try to get the holidays off go visit the family with her, I'm sure that is what she is most upset about" Patrick nods as they make their way down the street to the coffee shop.

Jessica didn't know if Amanda would get over it or not. She knew her friends loved each other, but she also knew love wasn't enough. She would talk to Amanda try and calm her down a bit.

"How was London?" Trick asks Jessica as they wait in line to buy their drinks. Jessica is about to answer him, when the girl behind the counter calls out "next".

They walk towards their usual table with their hot beverages at hand. Patrick a black coffee with out sugar and Jessica hot chocolate she still doesn't drink coffee.

'So, London?" Trick prods once they are sitting down.

"Wonderful like always. We should all move over there." She sips at her drink.

"You and Brandon should just get married" Patrick teases.

Jessica puts her drink down. "You know me and Brandon are not that way."

"So you say, but I've seen different"

"It's been years since you've seen different" Jessica says taking her drink back.

"You need to move on" Patrick says.

"I have moved on. Brandon and I work best as friends and we both agree on it. Just like you an me only work as friends"

"Even with all the touching" Patrick says remembering the conversation he had to have with all his prior girlfriends about Jessica.

"Amanda has been your only girlfriend to understand this." Jessica also remembers all the threads she received from Tricks ex girlfriends.

"Because she knows you better than you know your self." They finish their drinks and make their way back to the apartment. Hopefully Amanda has calmed down.

Several hours away from the coffee shop someone was making their way out of an airport a lap top in it's case hanging over his shoulder a small green hand back trailing behind him.

It felt nice to be back home, around people who spoke English. He made it to the door and walked out watching a soft drizzle wet the pavement and cars, he stepped away from the roof that kept him dry and let go of his carry on to stretch his arms and feel once more the rain that held too many memories.

He asked no one to pick him up; he was still having problems with his parents. His best friend was busy with the new baby and he didn't want to bother them him. Plus there were a couple of stops he wanted to do before he headed 'home' and he wanted to do them alone.

He took the shuttle to the car rental office and after fighting with the attended for at least a half an hour about his reservation he left the shop in a red Volvo.

The familiar streets brought so many memories back to his mind. Stuck on a red light he brought his window down just so he could put his hand out and feel the rain fall on it.

He past right on by the small town he grew up in, the park with the pond he sat by so many times to think. Out towards the two tall gates, he parked his car and made his way up the path, the place was empty not many came to visit when it rained.

Far to his left he could see several black umbrellas, but he didn't linger long on them, he kept his eyes straight ahead until they rested in front of the head stone he had been looking for.

He pulled out some old flowers left in front of it and took the vase down to the water faucet where he washed it out and refilled it. By then the rain was practically gone and he could see bits of the sun shining through the dark grey clouds.

He walked back to the grave and kneeled in front of it placing the vase next to it and white roses he had bought on the way here in it.

"Hello son. I'm back."


Here it is I almost thought I wasn't going to write it, but two nights ago I think, I dreamed this up I had to get up and write it a sequel to Freaks to you. I don't think I willfinish Adam's story, I don't think to many ppl were reading so I don't think it will be missed, a lot of things that would have been answered in that story about Adam and the video will probably be taken care of here.

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