Authors Note: Hi! Eric here, with my first manga fic, and first shounen ai/ yaoi fic on this site. If you don't like slash, then you might well prefer not to read this story. Sorry! This is based upon the song 'Mr Brightside', by The Killers, as introduced to me by Derek57 (go read his stuff; it's awesome!) Hope that you enjoy it! Please review! nn

Chapter One

I sat alone on the bench by the pool in the park, trying to getmy head around everything that had happened in such a short space of time. "I can't believe that I was so stupid!" I shouted, kicking an innocent stone inmy anger towards myself.

I suppose I deserve everything that's happened,I thought, as I watched Hailie lead Kaine to the swings, her long, auburn hair blown sideways by the gusty wind. That used to be our spot. That's where I met her for the first time when we were kids. She doesn't even look sad…

Hailie glanced across at the pool and our eyes connected for a minute. She turned to Kaine and said something. She was to far away to hear, but it must have been regarding me, as the raven-haired boy turned around before lowering his gaze. He took her by the hand and they walked out of the park together. Jealousy consumedme as Kaine's muffled laughter came from the other side of hedge that now blocked them from his sight as they walked away together.

Why the hell do I always screw up every good thing that comes my way? I don't even know who I'm jealous of! Every time I see them together, I relive everything that's happened in the last few weeks. I don't suppose it'll hurt to relive it one more time… I can't avoid it, and it might help stop me from being so damned stupid again…


"Hey, Seth!" I heard a clear, female voice call to me. Hailie. I turned around, grinning.

"Hi! How are you?"

"I'm good thanks!" She reached up and kissed my cheek. "You?"

I blushed and looked at the ground before telling her that I was fine. I never did understand how she could be so confident, especially in public. I eventually looked up and met her eyes. They were sparkling with restrained laughter; she knew exactly what I was thinking, and began to laugh too.

"Want to come round to mine later? I just got a new DVD!"

She showed me the case; it's another one of her boring chick flicks. Ugh! I smiled anyway. "That'd be great! I can't wait!" It'll be nice to spend some time together, anyway, especially as school starts again in a couple of days. There are two main schools in the area, and, because of where we live, we ended up having to go to separate high schools.

We said goodbye, and I watched her walk off down the road, her long skirt swishing.

I ran a hand over my mousy hair to check it was still neat… ish, before ringing the bell to Hailie's house. Her Mom answered the door.

"Hi, Seth! Come in. Hailie's in the lounge, trying to set up the DVD player. Go on through and help her, please!"

I grinned; she never could work it no matter how many times I showed her. "Ok, thanks Mrs Wilson!"

I walked through into the living room before being attacked by a small, blonde kid. "Yaaarrhggh!" he screamed at me, charging and bowling me over.

I laughed and ruffled his hair. "Hiya, Jamie! What are you up to?"

"I'm fightin' the gigant whale!" Hailie's little brother was going through a pirate phase, and had taken to calling me the 'gigant whale' and attempting to vanquish my land-lubbing soul at every possible moment.

"Well a whale's not easy to destroy, me matey! Least of all a giant one! Yaharrr!" I cried, in a pirate accent and engaged him in a mighty duel, before I noticed Hailie standing nearby, laughing.

"I have bigger fish to fry than fightin' a puny sea-dog! Train some more and come find me again when you are worthy. We shall continue our epic battle later, Buccaneer Jamie!"

"Aye- aye, Seaman Seth!" the mini-swashbuckler cried, while running off to attack the next moving thing that he could find.

Hailie laughed at me. "You're mad, you know that."

"What? Do fine lasses not like sexy pirates any more?"

"I daresay this 'fine lass' can make an exception." She laughed, and kissed me. "Now lend me a hand hauling the rigging on this DVD player."

"Aye- aye!"

I sorted out the player in a matter of seconds, and we were soon watching 'A Ring Made of Tears', or whatever trashy-title she'd picked out. Girl met guy at high school. He was popular, she wasn't. They go out anyway. Years later, they end up getting married and having little kids called 'Chad' and 'Sally'. Hailie cries. I yawn, and think 'It was happy!!!.' I pretend that I thought it was fantastic, and get lots of kisses and hugs. Everyone's happy! Yay!

I often wonder: if he hadn't turned up, would I be watching another trashy chick-flick with her tonight, wondering whether, when we leave school, if we'll get married, and have our own little Chads and Sallys? Would I still be holding her?