My minds on fire I can hear it whine

Waiting for something to shine

Sitting lonely in darkened rooms

Still the silence blooms

Flowers of hate and petty scorn

Send me to Earth and I am warned

That people just wanna be lonely


We can feel the Earth heating up

But still we sit around saying "but

Things aren't that bad if we still have cars"

The worried gentleman remarks

As he smokes his millionth cigarette

Thinking which disease he's gonna get

Still the ice melts, and we stand laughing


But it's an illusion, all this hate

And I just wait

Waiting for whatever's comin' next


Eternal parties pass me by

I don't joke I'd never lie

But I think I'd really like a drink

But there's no water in the sink

And all these people just look on

Hoping it's some dignity they've won

When they've spent their life dressed as a chicken


I think I'm insane but I don't know

The thought's never had time to grow

I'm too busy being warm

I might as well had never been born

But I'm not the judge of that

It's up to the man in the black hat

Singing "don't be afraid, but run anyway"


But it's an illusion, why I'm here

It's partially due to fear

I'm afraid of what's gonna happen


Suicide remains stillborn

She's struggling to become torn

From the influence of her father's grave

But that's her end, no smiles or a wave

She just says goodbye and leaves

Knowing she never believed

An empty grave, and I won't shed a tear


A reminder of our emptiness

We can't live for any less

Sitting in a bar feeling so alone

With some fool talking on his phone

He says the Prime Minister's just been killed

Which means there are some more shoes to be filled

Everything stays the same


But it's an illusion, all this change

The only difference is we've all been caged

To stop us worrying how we're gonna die