Unclear and maybe confusing
I know what you're thinking, pal.
Can you guess what's on my mind?
Well, no jealousy, which you think I think.
I think you think I think you think right.
Guess what? You lose.
It's taken a while to decide
you're not a part of the book
I think you hesitated too long.
Maybe your personality is magnificent.
You should have ladies stumbling in their high heels
racing to get to your door
getting in line to hold your arm
your hand, thirsting for even eye contact
one glance.
You don't, buddy, but you should
you should.
Not intense enough for me, though
You're perfect colours but muted shades.
And you'll say, like they all do,
"I can change
for you."
Genuine, pal, it's what I want
And it's a false promise and a lie
not permanent, penciled in
not engraved and tainted with lead poisoning.
You deserve better, friend
it's why I would give anything,
to be a team mate
instead of a measley cheerleader.