So com-plee-kay-ted.
We send another man overseas
he'll die eventually, anyway, right?
What's one life?
What's one life dying in your sleep?
You're laying next to your lover when you're old--
the woman who's been crying in the bathroom.
She'sjittery and nervous;
that stroke left you weak
you were barely there when you came back.
You can't leave her alone, but you just did.
What's that compared to a young man and a violent end--
sudden, unexpected?
You called her every day
and wrote love letters about gardens and when you met
every last change you got
because what if this is your day?
And then one day, it happened:
a fatal shot to the head, a shorter life.
A death's a death, maybe,
but why waste a life fighting to die
when there are people a continent away?...
they're loving just to hang onto one more second;
loving "just" to live.