These tears they come so freely.

Will they ever come to an end?

No, they won't, because I will never learn,

The betrayal and lies all come so frequently that I really should beused to it.

But, I'm not.

Somehow I think I never will be.

You ask me if there is anything you can do.

There is nothing you can do.

Because you are the reason these tears are coming.

You broke your promise to me.


So don't you come and say to me "I promised".

That phrase means jackshit.


That's right.

Do you know what the official definition of the word promise is?

Here; let me show you.

Promise: An agreement to do or not to do something. Also: A reason for expecting success.

That is an official definition.

Here is mine:

Promise: a word used to assure someone you will keep your word, when you have no intention of keeping it, but wanting the other person to feel secure for the time being.

So don't try and feed me your empty words; they can't cut me deeper anymore that they already have.

So, is everyone happy now?

Now that I have finally given up?

Given up on people

on my family

on my dreams

on my friends

Given up on myself. . . .

So these tears, these tears that come so freely.

Will they ever come to an end?

Yes, they will.

Because it's time, time to make it end.