The Wall.

I've come to the realization that depression is merely a shell to hide from one's spiritual potential. Depression is used as a means to suppress and an attempt to erase the inner being of power which has root in each one of us. We fear the unfolding of this potential, reason being, it will destroy the walls we have so carefully erected. It will put us utterly and completely in charge of our own lives. Our fate no longer lies in the hands of a great and mighty "God", the power slips from our creative religious imagery into a seemingly mundane, take-responsibility-for-your-own-actions state of being.

I can tell you right now - as things flash out of the corner of my eye, as the room takes on a strange sheen in response to my thoughts, as the knife blazes sharper in the golden electric light - mundane is not the word for it.

Our state of depression (repression?) wherein we smother anything that could possibly lead to a level of spiritual attainment. We water down the wisdom of I Ching. We fill our days with senseless, meaningless, worthless tasks, convincing ourselves of their "importance". We fuel our depression with "anti-depressants" that repress our depression.

Keep in mind; things repressed do not necessarily go away.

We have not only locked away our higher self, but also created a society that shuns and spites anyone who attempts to release theirs. Those who go on "spiritual quests" (excluding the Missionaries who travel to countries to enforce their religion upon its inhabitants, of course) are either given strange sidelong glances, or are labeled flat-out crazy. Conscious-altering drugs have been illegalized. Most branches of Pagan spirituality have been deemed "evil" by the media and our "all-accepting" Christian society.

In short, we have become a bunch of hypocritical, depressed, blindly-following, pill-popping, menial frenzied, anti-spiritual materialists. Yuck.

So, how do we change this? How do we unlock that inner potential? How do we shed our hate and inability to understand and accept? How do we tear down that blasted Wall? How do we release our binds to become free?

It takes merely a Will and Determination. A desire to see past the Wall, into the gauzy curtains dividing the Materialistic World and the Spiritual World. Slip past the curtain. Leave the hate and depression to whence it came. Enter a world where nothing is as it seems, and everything is what you thought it would be. Untold beauty lies within the smallest gesture, wisdom within the tinniest pebble.

I don't think you realize how thin the curtain is.

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A/N: I will do a follow-up on this when I figure out how to better answer the questions I raised in the last three paragraphs. Hope you enjoyed this, or that it got you to think, or at least confirmed what you already knew.

I'll be back.