by: L. Lazuli

Black and white--
Tender and yet sickening cold.
Uncertain as night,
Hope is what you left me to hold.

Your eyes shined like porcelain
Over the gentle luminescent moon
Tears dropped from your rosy cheek,
Falling into the kaleidoscope lit sea.

The once smiling pink lips,
Now tainted with sorrow,
Like sand in hand, I let this chance slip.
Dreams are the only one's left for me to follow.

A simple mistake was misunderstood,
And now, here you are, leaving for good.
All what's left is a picture:
Of me and you, -but cut in two.

Onto nothingness, I dwell alone
Clandestinely longing
Searching for my one true love,
My one and only you.

You were my answered prayer,
I will wait for you 'til for only forever.
Oh, or oh,
Until life takes me away.