The Dead

We are the dead

We died for our secrets

Our secrets keep us locked away

Locked away for something to hide

They hide us from the rest of the dead


The world wasn't ready for us

We weren't ready for them

So they took our flesh to bait us again

And we fell into the pit of the flesh

A pit lit by the darkness of their world


I didn't know too much

Too much wasn't enough

It was enough for me to know too little

Too little wasn't small enough

If we knew a little, it was too much


We are the dead but we think we're alive

We're alive enough to hate

But we don't hate the ones who created us

It's the ones who were created by the lies

Whose lies dominate their own dead lives


Yes we still feel like the dead

But inside all we feel is free

Because freedom is what you make of it

And we made a game of it

A game where everyone feels like they've won or lost


Did we win or lose?

Did we win or lose?

Did we win or lose?