Look at me
Search me
Find me
In my dreams
But not here
Oh, not here

For in my dreams
I fly
I fly beyond the northern hills
Beyond the western sea
To see if the shore beyond
Bears a real truth
Or some ill-fated lie

For in my dreams
Rivers run in joyous frivolity
To rendezvous with sparkling oceans
To cascade from cliffs
As wine from cups
In some sad café in Naples
Where laughter bubbles
In time with the drums
In the far-off bazaars of Morocco
Where stars only
Witness the sardonic urge of man

In, these, my dreams
Have you stood with me
And whispered in my ears
The sweet, sweet, commands
Of unrequited lust
And left me gasping for control

Oh, these dreams
This tantalizing stillness of capability
That torments me so
Stares me in the eye
As if to bid me lift my voice in song:
"Good night, my love
Maybe one day, far from now
We'll sing another song together
For alas, this hedonism
Bears not to your breast, but mine"

And with that
Might I away myself
To the stars and float on the breeze
A leaf in the autumn
And drift into the bright red dusk of youth
To emerge in the spring, green and reborn
In the golden dawn of man