Forty Gold Pieces

Oh give me a song

Give me your dream

I'll do my best to help you belong

Because you don't know shit when you try to be rich

But you know even less when you try to be poor


I'll watch you dance

I'll watch you dress

I can't leave anything to chance

Because I don't rust you and I never did

I don't know what you're really hiding


I'll write you a letter

I'll write you a joke

Anything to help you feel better

Because you're so fucking ill it makes me feel sick

It's not doing you any good


I'll send you your death wish

Carved onto stone

I'll give you your world of bliss

In exchange for forty gold pieces

So I can buy back your soul


But forty gold pieces wouldn't buy back your soul

Because it's only worth the price of one

One piece for your wretched salvation

Thirty-nine piecesfor your lovers betrayed

Thirty-nine piecesfor your sweet love lost

Thirty-nine pieces for our broken hearts