A warning:

Once this train leaves

The station, it'll spew and chug and scream all

The way home.

And just so you know:

When the levee breaks— water, water

Everywhere, crashing into every pore,

No room to breathe.

Another thing:

This object, once in motion, will remain

In motion, it can't be stopped.

All of this a warning, for what

You are about to get yourself into,

It'll never end,

Disappear, no,

It will remain

In the shadow of everything you do,

In the flicker of thought before slumber,

Sweaty and smashed,

In the spaces between your skin and another's,

In the quick draw of breath before

Words tumble,

In the silence linking each heartbeat.

Try to ignore it in all these things,

It will be there.

So, you've been warned,

Now go ahead and

Love me.