Alex: Virgin, Stripper, Avenger and Whatnot

I ran my hands through his dark black hair. His hands where roaming all over my body and he placing soft kisses along my neck.

" Alex, can I ask you something?," he purred into my neck.

"Huh," I really wasn't paying attention. He's a really good kisser.

"Next week is my birthday,"

" OK…." I pulled him back up and continued to kiss him like I did before.

" Well….I think…..that maybe….we should….have sex already….."

I pushed him off me and walked out of his room angrily.

Why couldn't Kenny just respect my decisions. What hurts me the most right now is he's not chasing after me. Maybe I should've had sex with him. I'm seventeen most teens are already having sex. However I'm just real scared. I've seen the Lifetime movies. After you get knocked up they leave you, and you get a drug problem. Okay so I now they're only movies but they're supposed to educate girls err… um woman like me.

Also the HIV/AIDS pandemic is really freaking me out. So I'm outside walking slowly thinking on my decision. I really liked Kenny. Damn it! I'm such an idiot. He waited longer than most guys would. I've seen the movies. It's been two years! It all went down the toilet. I probably just lost my boyfriend. The two bests years of my life. We had such great fun. He was really pleasant, so what all he wanted was some pussy.

What's wrong with that? Oh yeah I remember.

1. I'm not a product.

2. He's has had a lot of sex, A LOT OF IT .That means higher chances of getting HIV.

3.I don't know he uses condoms or whatever but it's better safe then sorry.

4. I'm not ready.

I sighed to myself. It was for the best. It's not like I loved the guy. I just want to be lonely forever. I know I'm seventeen, I have to wait longer to find love. Nevertheless the truth is, I'm not that fucking smart. Not that fucking hot, I don't have low self-esteem. I look average. I'm an average person.. My mom is average, my dad is average, my sister and brother too.

I so busy thinking about Kenny I didn't realize I was in the middle of the road.

Honk, Honk

I quickly ran to the other side. Suddenly I realized I was walking too far because I was in the wrong part of the tracks and was completely lost. Oh crap, I'm lost. I was in front of an odd looking bar. It looked, dirty too. There was a big window looking into the bar with the words Gold Palace in bright you guess it gold letters. It looked far from gold to me. I entered to see two men working the bar. Surprisingly it was more better in the inside then the outside. Everything was in gold and red. It was empty though. I could hear some hip hop from a door. Of course it was gold.

" Hey, are you here for the job." The man from the bar asked suspiciously.

" Uh…no, I'm lost do you know the way back to Green Grove Forests?," I questioned walking up to the bar. It was so sparkly cleaned. It wasn't gold just a deep red.

" Yeah, its only a three blocks west, take a left turn and keep going straight," the man said.

" But would you be interested in a job?," the other man said winking at me.

" Shut it Paul, she's like fifteen"

" I'm seventeen," I said matter-of-a-factly. " Plus I don't want your," I stop to make quotations signs with my hands " job".

" Oh well its nothing like that exactly," Paul said.

" Paul shut up, she's seventeen, do you want to go to jail?," the gray haired man asked angrily.

" Jean, come on, its not like were forcing her to fuck against her own will," Paul said matter-of-a-factly

" I'm going now," I said.

" Its pays 600 a night," Paul said trying to convince me still.

I stopped with me foot in the door.

" 600 hundred plus, you have the body were looking for." Paul stated.

I turned on my heels and toward back to the bar.

" Explain," I said.

" Well, this is….an adult entertainment club," Paul said trying to find the right words.

" A strip club!," well duh you moron I thought to myself.

" Well yeah, its really obvious. We're short one stripper, you'd be perfect for one of our rooms. I can see it now…..What's you name?"

" Alex,"

" Alex at Golden Palace in big gold letters, you'll be the main attraction," he said leaning in closer.

" I'm not a circus freak," I steamed.

" I know, you're really young, and cute,"

" Paul shut it, leave little girl"

" Jean, come on, we'll make more money."

" Paul, that -"

Paul gave me a card.

Gold Palace Girls