I knew from the moment I boarded that wretched ship bound from the New World that pirates would attack us. When I voiced my concerns to my mother she merely laughed and said, "My dear Eliza, pirates do not attack every ship in the ocean. Why, even the most fearsome pirate would not attack a simple brig with but two guns, would it?"

She clearly did not understand just how dangerous pirates were. I tried to explain to her how a pirate would slit her throat and not bat an eye, but she waved me off as morbid and went to the cabin below.

Our ship was a converted Brig-o'-War that used to be part of the Royal Navy. When her day was the done, the captain decided that his ship was too good to become firewood, so he fashioned her into a sort of ferry. My mother and I were able to barter a passage to the New World to start a life there.

After my mother had moved onto the cabins, I climbed up the ratlines and onto the foretop. The foretop is a sort of platform on one of the masts. I am not sure what it is used for, but it makes for a wonderful hiding place.

I first discovered the foretop when I was about ten years of age, on my father's ship. It was a few days before what would be his last journey. I was sitting on his fo'c'sle, staring up into the rigging. My father came and sat next to me.

We sat like that for a few minutes until he finally spoke. "What on earth are you staring at, Eliza?" he asked.

"Nothing, Father," I replied. "I was just thinking about something."

"And what were you thinking about?" He stood and pulled me up next to him.

"Mostly about what it would be like to be that high up in the sky," I said, craning my neck upwards.

"Would you like to know what it would be like?" he asked as a wry smile crept onto his face. He knew I could not resist an adventure.

"Oh, yes!" I cried.

He motioned for me to follow him and I gleefully did. He showed me how to hook my toes into the ratlines and scurry up like a monkey. With his help, I made it up to the foretop.

"Well," he said, "what do you think?"

"I love it up here!" I cried, scaring some passing seagulls.

My father laughed his deep, smooth laugh. "I thought you might. You are welcome to stay up here as long as you please, as long as you do not go any higher. If you fall, think of the mess you would make! It would take me days to clean up!"

I smiled and he tousled my hair as if I were a boy, before climbing back down the ropes.

That was the last time I was ever alone with him.

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