With sinful regret

Of selling her soul

To sheer and pure pleasure of another,

She applies her eye shadow.

Shadowing her enchanting eyes

Almost as unordinary as herself.

She'll hike up her skirt

With every bit of self doubt

Waiting for the right moment

To strip herself of clothing

And oftruths.

Her skin always sees daylight,

Revealing the marks that powerful hands leave

Gripping onto the soft skin of her legs

As they enter her body;

Robbing her of herself.

And of her dignity

Her moan creates a more desirable situation,

Silencing the awkwardness of divinity

Of pure selfish greed.

With each man thrusting himself into her,

Stealing more and more of her,

Taking every ounce of innocence out

And replacing it with scents of ecstasy.

Under her streetlight,

She wonders if the comfort

Is worth the pain.

If the pleasure

Is worth herself.

And as she outlines her eyes

With a deep black

Signaling an easy and inexpensive treat,

She lies to herself.

Telling herself that she's a useless toy.

When really,

She's the one that never danced in the rain.