Untitled 3

Yeah, it's swirling again now, claustrophobia is building,
The dog at my side again, the tension is mounting,
Gonna rain soon above, the rain will be deafening,
The doctor resides again, the caseload is mounting.

It's all curdling again, there is nothing to fear,
It's all gone away again, nothing to fear,
Only hold on to the things you hold dear,
When all days end the same, you've nothing to fear,

Might, might, might just be charming,
Your lack of alarm is strangely disarming
In the TV in the corner,
You're starting the show,
Nothing to fear, you let yourself go,
You let yourself go, nothing to fear,
You're whispering nothing in my ear.

© Saxon Drury-Godden, 06.