Adrian rolled over in bed, his mouth slightly open. A soft snore escaped him as he rolled over, and hunkered into the dark green down comforter he had owned since he was nine. The alarm on his nightstand started screeching for him to wake up. Sluggishly, he opened his eyes, and rolled back over to look at it with his hard, cold, teal eyes his family was famous for. Every single Burgundy male had those cold, calculating eyes.

The squawking clock read exactly 3:00 a.m., and it pissed him off that he had to be awake that early, every morning. If possible the squawking got louder. In one swift motion, he picked up the clock, and hurled it across the room, and into the opposing wall, smashing it to bits. He pulled himself out of bed, and slumped to he door. He opened it, and saw nothing but dark. He fumbled for the light switch on the wall, then flicked it on quickly, hurting his eyes in the process. A tired looking Korgy itched his nuts through the material of his boxers, and staggered to the stair case.

Korgy's dirty blond hair stuck up at all angles. He struggled to pull on his glasses before he fell down the stairs. Korgy: Adrian's second oldest brother. Adrian wandered into the kitchen blindly, and felt for the cold steel of the fridge handle. When he grabbed onto it, it shocked him into enough of an awake state that he realized that he didn't want anything to eat, and decided to start his training.

He looked at the piece of notebook paper taped to the fridge, squinting his eyes in the process. Sebastian was as usual working in Adrian's late father's position, running their chapter of vampire slayer clans (the Burgundy Clan). Adrian's mother, and father had been slaughtered by some rogue vampires on their eighteenth wedding anniversary, and Sebastian had taken over his father's post, now never showing up at home except for some rare occasions, and only for a small amount of time, before being called away on some business in their sector.

Adrian sighed, and thought of his mother. Beautiful, beautiful Marnie burgundy. She had hair the same color as Adrian's, dark brown, a shade off of black, and eyes the color of melted chocolate. Adrian sighed, and shook his head. He was the baby of the family, everyone treated him so.

He looked back up at the paper for his assignment. He had to swim laps before school. Ellis had to run, Will had to feed the dogs, Davey had to lift weights, and Korgy had to crack fake codes. Korgy never had to do real work because he had a heart condition, and asthma.

Adrian grumbled, and walked up stairs. Once in his room again, after picking up the shards and circuits of what was once an alarm clock, and looked around the disaster area that he called a floor for his swim trunks. He found them, in the white and orange flowered glory, and changed in the bathroom.

Changed, and a little cold, Adrian ran down the stairs, briefly pausing to look at the clock above the stove. 3:27 a.m. He nodded his head, and stepped out of the back sliding doors that looked upon the grand, Olympic size swimming pool. After turning on the in-pool lights, he stood on the diving board, and prepared himself for the cold that was about to slap his skin. He clenched his teeth, and jumped, executing a perfect dive into the frigid water.

He came up, teeth chattering, and lips blue. He sucked in a deep breath, and started doing his laps.

After twenty minutes of doing non-stop laps, he reached the edge of the pool, only to be looked at by a big, wet, cold, black nose. Adrian yelped, and pushed back from the wall, then treaded water, only to see Will smiling in a smartass way at him, his red hair spiked all over the place. Will was a morning person, and really perky at that. Waffles, the huge, mother, Mastiff Hound looked at Adrian with big said mommy eyes. Adrian smiled in the corner of his mouth, and pulled himself out of the pool.

"Come 'ere, Waffles!" Adrian said in baby talk to the huge dog. Obediently the slobbering mommy trotted up to him in lumbering, age affected strides, and pushed her head into Adrian's wet, bare arm. Adrian smiled, and ruffled her fur, talking to her once again in baby-talk. Will turned on the stadium, over head lights, nearly blinding Adrian.

"Hey! My eyes, you douche bag!" Adrian cursed, clamping his eyes shut, and shoving his face into Waffles's black speckled white coat. Will smiled, and squatted in front of him.

"Do you like swimming in the dark, or what? Besides, you don't need to be such a vampire!" Will cracked up at his own joke. He was the kind of guy that would make corny jokes, and try using them whenever possible, then laugh at them. Generally, he was the only person that found his humor laughable.

"Your jokes suck," Adrian said, pessimistically. Will frowned.

"Make up your own then, idiot," he growled. He grabbed Adrian's fluffy white towel, and threw it at his face, covering it up, and making Adrian frown deeply.

"Holy- check out my guns!" Davey called from the doorway. Davey, if you could describe him in four words they would be: always shirtless if possible. He was, at the moment, shirtless, and flexing his arms, which were banded with grotesquely large muscles. Adrian choked back a gag, and went to ruffling Waffles's fur.

Davey strode up to the group, at which point the chatted for a while, until Korgy stuck his head out the window, and shouted at them to get going. Since Sebastian had replaced their father, Korgy had replaced Sebastian, and kept his position at the same time.

After two more hours of training, Adrian pulled himself out of the pool, and went back upstairs to take a shower. On his way to his room to gather new clothes, Korgy ushered him into his room. Korgy's fingers were quickly typing in a new code that would crack something or another. Adrian's brother, Korgy, gave new meaning to the term 'computer monitor tan-line'. The boy was basically married to his computer, and experienced withdrawal if he was without some kind of electronic, computer-like gadget, be it an iPod, a cell phone, or a good old laptop.

"Hey, I'm about two minutes from cracking t-this code, go get me some grub," Korgy muttered, face inches away from the screen. Adrian gave an exasperated sigh, and rolled his eyes.

"Go get Will to do it." He made his way out of Korgy's room, without managing to fall and break his legs on the many boxes of useless computer crap that Korgy hoarded, and into his. He plucked out the Luke's Academy uniform, you know, the general, white shirt, navy pants outfit from a pile of clothes on the floor he had never folded, and made his way to the bathroom.

He stripped out of his trunks, and jumped in the shower. The chlorine made his skin feel tight, and it just generally creeped him out. He turned on the faucet, ready to welcome the hot water in his face, and when none came, that pissed him off. With one cracked eye, he looked up, and saw that the shower faucet was only trickling water. He growled, and cussed, and spat, but he knew that wouldn't make the water pressure go up. He finally sighed, resolving to himself that he'd pester Davey into fixing it when he got home. He got out of the shower, and changed into his uniform.

Today was going to suck something awful, and he already knew it. He grumbled slightly, and walked downstairs into the foyer, where Korgy was unlocking the weapons cabinets (cleverly disguised as the wall!), and handed out weapons.

Will got his throwing stars, and dagger belt. Davey got a pair of brass knuckles that had crosses raised in the face of them. Quickly he smacked them together, and made a clanging noise around the arid foyer. Adrian pushed Korgy out of the way. No body, no body, touched his babies. His babies, were actually two massive 39cm guns, slick as oil, and black as onyx. In the barrel was carved 'Forgiveness is a bitch.' with a cross between 'is' and 'a'. He held the protectively to his chest for a minute, then slid them into the holsters on his ribcage. He buttoned the shirt back up, and shoved his way out the door.


Denise smiled softly at Adrian, and dropped her books on the floor beside the table she shared with him. He smiled back suddenly forgetting that his world was not meant to contain love.

She sat down in the chair, her skirt pulling up just enough to see her thigh. Adrian looked at the front of the class, and heard Denise sigh forlornly. He looked back at her, to see her resting her head on her elbows. He cocked his head to one side. "Are you okay, Denise?" Denise shrugged.

"I don't know. Aaron doesn't look at me anymore. I wish he would." Adrian grit his teeth. Aaron was the jerk that had plucked Denise from him, and declared her his girlfriend. Adrian didn't know how to respond without out rightly asking her out, or bad mouthing him, and ruining his chances for her. He just nodded.

Denise's strawberry blond hair fell down her back, stopping a little below her shoulder blades. Her eyes were big, and expressive, glowing a soft light brown, the color of brown sugar. Her skin was graced by the perfect amount of tan, and a sprinkle of freckles accented her nose and cheeks.

"Good morning class!" Mr. Carter bellowed, ruining Adrian's moment. He looked forward, inwardly groaning.

The class went dreadfully slow, as did the rest of the school day. Finally lunch came, and Adrian breathed a sigh of relief as the bell sounded around him, making his ears ring. He made his way through the mosh-pit like crowd, screaming, "Move it, blood clots!" Of course, no body moved. They would move if I used my gun.

Adrian banished the thought from his mind, and shoved through the crowd again. He finally broke out of the slow moving herd, and into the courtyard. He found muscled bound Davey standing next to Will. Adrian waltzed his lean figure towards them. Davey continued to talk to Will in a hushed tone, smiling at some girls that passed them, who blushed, and ran off to talk about it to their friends.

Adrian stopped in front of Will, who was five inches shorter. "Korgy give you any info on the regimen tonight?" Will nodded, and pulled a piece of paper out of his back pocket, then shoved it into Adrian's hand as covertly as possible. No body saw. Adrian dropped his messenger bag, and lunged into the tree, grabbing a branch, and pulling himself up on top of it quickly. Everybody had gotten used to Adrian jumping into trees to read something, do his homework, listen to music, things of the likes.

He unfolded the paper, and read over it quickly. He groaned audibly, reading it again and again.

'Loriella Park 9:00 p.m.' was written on the front.