I am being suffocated
By swirling gray colours,
And endless droning voices.
Events are strung together,
Becoming a dull chain,
Restraining air from my lungs.

I can't breathe.
Oxygen is being stolen
By greedy mouths around me.
I desperately search for Hope,
But once again it evades me
Like sand sifting through my fingers.

I am trying to stand.
Struggling with the slimy hands of Insecurity
I feel like giving up and falling.
The hands are snaked around my throat,
I feel them squeezing harder… squeezing tighter…

I close my eyes

Then silence.

I am free. I can breathe.
Am I dead? No.
I finally realize that
You have pulled the hands away
You have pulled me up

You have saved me from myself.