Summary: Once upon a time, the devil was bored, and possessed a pregnant woman for a year… (Inspired by 'Undead and Unappreciated')


Hellspawn in Gucci

o Prologue o


Once upon a time, the devil was bored, and possessed the pregnant girlfriend of a cheating husband, and ran that woman's body for about a year. The devil still smoked and drank, but only in moderation. Eventually the baby was born.

It was a girl.

Eyes that should have been closed were open, revealing big black eyes that calmly gazed back. For a brief, brief moment the devil felt a surge of maternal pride.

But after a month of dirty diapers, laundry, night feedings, and spilled formula (the devil hated to breast-feed), the devil said, "Enough of this," and went back to Hell, which was infinitely preferable to living with a newborn.

As for the woman who was possessed, she freaked and abandoned the baby (who was sleeping at the time) and ran back to the cheating husband.

And as for the baby, the moment she awoke, the workers at the foster care center took one look at her eyes and were eager to be done with her. Which was why, six years later, they did not give a second glance at the six-year-old they had unwittingly sent off to the pervert who signed up for her.

However, later that day, the man's house was found aflame and the man himself was found severely burned, castrated, and branded 'pedophile'.

The child was nowhere to be found.


Date completed: 08.06.06/Sun.