Summary: Once upon a time, the devil was bored, and possessed a pregnant woman for a year… (Inspired by 'Undead and Unappreciated' by Mary Janice Davidson)


Hellspawn in Gucci

o Chapter 1 o

Heaven-sent...Or not.


The moment he finished the teleportation, he felt two slender hands wrap around his neck and squeeze.

"Where am I?"

Ungrateful brat.

She was still raging, apparently. He glanced down at his attacker and found a very white face with completely black eyes snarling up at him. Blood-brown hair seemed to be on fire blazed with a fiery glow; she smelled faintly of brimstone.

Her grip tightened. "Answer me!"

It was just as well he didn't need to breathe as much as the less-powerful demons. Still, she was making it difficult for him to speak. His hands clamped over her wrists, using a fraction of his strength, and tugged. To his surprise, the grip was like steel. Applying a little more force, he yanked them off, and, looking into her still-snarling face, decided to keep his grip on her wrists.

Nonchalantly, he decided to look at the scenery around them, anywhere but her face. It wasn't very pleasant at look at, at the moment. "First of all, calm down." He glanced back down at her. Okay, she was still snarling at him. No chance of that happening.

Irritation marked his features, which were pretty good-looking for someone who looked like an eight-year-old. "Fine. So you won't. Well, since there's no point in trying to explain anything if you won't, I'll just drop you back into that stupid place."

In one fluid motion, he withdrew a hand, quickly muttering words she couldn't understand. Entranced black eyes watched small black-and-gold runes snake down his wrists and into his palms, seeping into his index finger. Before she could bring herself from her trance and attempt to scratch his eyes out, the finger shot towards her forehead. Upon contact the runes seeped back out and spread out before disappearing as fast as they had come.

He watched in fascination as the edges of her black irises receded back into their normal boundaries, revealing the whites of her eyes, as auburn-lashed eyelids fluttered in confusion before closing. He held out his arms and caught her as she fell into him.

The eight-year-old-looking demon (who was actually more than 700 years old) looked down at the prone girl's form. When she wasn't going berserk, he decided, she was actually very pretty.

Thick, chestnut-red hair brushed againts her shoulders. Her head lolled along his arm, giving a view of her long white neck any vampire would kill for. Bangs that were once tied back by a ribbon freely framed her face and brushed against her broad forehead. Red lips parted slightly as shallow breaths were inhaled and exhaled.

Well, he wasn't one to leave a pretty little girl where predators could get her (though she could defend herself just fine), even if she had just been trying to kill him.


One day a couple came across the most darling red-haired girl they had ever seen. Filled with concern, they went over to her and woke her up. They saw her black eyes, but what worried them more was her amnesia.

What filled them with joy was when she told them she had no family.

Reluctantly they informed the police. A thorough investigation was made, but to the bewilderment of the authorities not a single record was found. No name, no family, no hospital records, no social security number--- in all legal terms she did not exist.

There was no way such a matter stayed under wraps. The local church members were set in their beliefs that she was heaven-sent to the couple, who were unable to have children (both were infertile). Also, the couple were high-ranking in their own jobs, and took great pleasure in telling the press how they were going to give her the best life a little girl could have.

Thus the blissful couple proceeded to adopt the girl and give her an identity. She was given a room filled with the best electronics, dolls, and clothes in each of their homes, and was named after the husband's favorite aunt andmother and the wife's maternal grandmother.

Her name was Jacqueline Marguerite Fey Antony-Montclair.

She was called Jackie, and this is her story.


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