The sleeplessness,

Filled with the fright

I lay on my bed

In the stillness of night

Perhaps tonight I shall gain some sleep

Perhaps tonight sanity I will keep

Alas, the night will stay eternal

My body wanders into the infernal

I wander from my resting place

And into the den

Maybe the television

Will be my friend

The bright lights sting my eyes

The images, they are all lies

I can't recall the pictures fleeting

No man can tell into what trap it's leading

Again I lie realizing what I see

May be my mind being devious

I am not in control of this disease

It all seems just too tedious

The man that spoke to me that time

His intent all so sublime

Asking me to buy from him

Whatever would fulfill my whim

"What be the price?"

I asked in nervous excitement

"Just your soul…"

Began his evil enticement

"But a soul is not what you think it is

It is just a figment of religious myths

So really, the gift is free

So take, please take it from me"

I ponder, but in such a condition

I couldn't decline his tender

Still not realizing his plan came to fruition

When my life to him I rendered

I received the gift of impulses satisfied

The pain only got worse, I wasn't gratified

I wanted the joy, I wanted the fun

All I end up is on the run

A servant now to the man so depraved

A fool I was! How so incoherent

The disease has called me to be a slave

But was I really all that innocent?

Is it the sickness, or am I really the master?

Could I have prevented the disaster?

Is it all in my head?

Is there nothing to dread?

As light breaks through the glass

The spell is now recanted

None of the fear will last

My will not for wishes granted

I walk into the kitchen and have a shock

I was awake all night, I watched the clock!

The pain was still there! It can't be so!

It wasn't my fault! I thought it would go!

I thought it was only transitory

But now I live with the mistake

I will never have any of the joy

All because of the chances I take