Math Lessons and Tequila Nights
The Unforgettable Sound and Kizuna

i'd like to inform all readers that this story is written by me and Kizuna, who's mentioned in my profile twice. All of the chapters that include Josh as the main character (without Alex) are written completely by her, and not by me. The chapters with Alex as the main character (without Josh) are written by me. We'll let you know if chapters were written together, mmk? mmk...

Chapter One...Alex

"Mr. Nelson! Can you help me with number nine?"

"Mr. Nelson, I can't get nine!"

"Mr. N, I'm having trouble with this problem…"

Alex Nelson sighed. Sometimes the questions more than two people have problems with aren't worth it. "Alright, class, number nine's answer is negative 420. I don't know, the writers of the book screwed up…so, just write down -420 and then you've got one right, at least…" Alex ran his hand through his short black hair. It's only third period, but it's been hell all day. Being a Friday at Polk's Middle School, it was hectic. Teacher's had to get end of term papers collected, have their homerooms clean out their lockers…It was just a mess and Alex couldn't wait to leave.

"Mr. Nelson, Mr. Grant is at the door," the best student in class, Maria, told him. Alex brought his gaze to the door and looked at Michael Grant. He waved the 30-year-old History teacher in and rubbed against his green eyes.

"Alex, we want to take you out,"

"Who's 'we?'" Alex asked, already knowing his answer. He didn't want to drink-he had to correct papers! After all, it was the end of the term…

"The staff and me. You never leave the confines of the school with the intention of 'fun,'"

"Mike, I happen to love my job,"


"No…It's not that I don't like to drink-because I love alcohol. I just don't want to wait until Sunday to finish my papers," Alex explained. He rubbed his right wrist nervously. Mike may be his closest friend-even he didn't know that he was abused by his parents-but he still made him nervous.

"Come on, just once and I will never ask you again. After all, we didn't get to celebrate your birthday…" Mike raised an eyebrow.

Alex sighed. What damage could one night do? "Alright. Just tonight, though, alright?"

Mike smiled and thanked him before heading back to his class... Alex let out a breath. What if he met a guy there and got into a relationship with him and he ended up hurting him like his parents and that one guy from Chicago?

"Mr. Nelson, are you okay?" Maria asked him, setting her assignment on his desk. He jumped and looked at her.

"Yeah. I feel a little bit woozy, but otherwise I'm fine…" he looked down at his arm. There was blood on his shirt and pants. "What…" he glanced at his wrist--there was blood coming from a tiny thumbnail shaped cut. He sighed, ripping his shirt and wrapping a shred around his wrist. He threw his bloody shirt in his backpack, leaving a white t-shirt on him. The bell rang, signaling the end of this class and the beginning of the other.

Only this class and homeroom left…then lunch, and two more classes before he could go home…or, rather, to the bar…what joy.

Alex just couldn't wait. After all, he hadn't had a drink since his birthday in September…

Maybe he wasn't going to end up regretting this decision…

"Multiplying integers…ugh…you guys, I don't have the energy to teach…I feel like…well, you know. So, Kevin, want to do me a favor and teach the class this?"

"Sure, Mr. N," Kevin said, getting up from his desk. "Just this one lesson?"

"Yeah…I'm going to go to the bathroom; I'll be back in a few minutes. Listen to Kevin," Alex said, pointing at Kevin as he did so. He left his classroom and bumped into Michael.

"Alex, you don't look so good,' he said, grabbing Alex's shoulders.

"Nah, I'm fine…just a little headache, I'll be fine," Alex replied, waving the idea away.

"You sure?"

"Positive," Alex confirmed. Sighing, he fell against Mike, who wrapped his arms around him. "I guess I'm a little scared…about tonight,"

Mike rubbed Alex's back. "Alex, it'll be okay. If you don't want to stay, one of us'll take you home. We're not going to push you into something you don't want to do,"

Alex sighed, wrapping his arms around his coworker and squeezing. "Thanks Mike. You're a great guy," Alex pulled away smiling. Obviously, neither of the teachers noticed the mid-class break—a crowd of kids were around them.

"Look, the fag's converting!"

"Mr. Grant's not gay, what are you talking about?"

"Mr. Nelson, not Mr. Grant! God, you're a fucking dumbass,"

"Hey, don't use that kind of language around me," Mike said fiercely. "You don't call anyone a fag or a dumbass. It's rude. Now get back to class,"

The students left one by one, and Mike left after. Kevin was the only one left. "You're gay?" Alex nodded, wondering what Kevin would do with that information. "Then…can you help me?"

"Help you what?"

"Help me find out if I'm gay," Kevin asked, blushing. Alex let out a groan.

"I…but I'll be fired if…alright. Meet me in the bathroom. I'll be there in a minute," Alex waited until Kevin disappeared through the door before he followed.

Kevin was looking in the mirror when Alex got there. "Alright…first off…why do you think you're gay?"

"Well…" Kevin stalled. Alex gave him a look. "Umm…I've developed a crush on this guy who's too old for me…but I can't get him off my mind,"

"Mmm…one thing: tell no one of what goes on in this bathroom. I love my job and I'd hate to lose it," Kevin nodded. "Now…Tell me if you enjoy this," Alex said before kissing the boy lightly.

After a few seconds, Kevin pulled away. "Holy hell, you're in deep shit,"

"Only if someone finds out," he replied, ruffling his student's hair. "So, did you enjoy it?"

"Yeah…I thought it was great,"

"Well, then, there's your answer," Alex replied. He left and went back to his classroom.

"Alex! Come one, we're going!" Mike yelled from his classroom. Alex sighed, putting his papers away. It's not like he was getting anything done-he was scared about the next few hours. He hesitated at his door before locking it.

No turning back now.

The ride there was loud. Ms. Matthews, the English teacher, Mrs. Thomas, the Science teacher, and Mike shouldn't be drinking together—they were crazy when they met up out of school.

"Alex, excited?" Mike asked, looking in the rear-view mirror.

"Scared, nervous…I could actually be hit on at a bar," he answered. Nervous and scared hadn't even been close to how he was feeling.

"Well, we're here! Let's see how you do…" Mike said laughing.

Now there wasn't a turning back or a backing down. There was leaving, but not backing down or turning back.

This was it. The big one. The moment Alex knew things in his life were never going to be the same.

So, how bad could it be?