Chapter Ten: You're Everything I Need

Josh smiled slightly as he parked in the driveway. He grabbed his mobile, twisting the little thing between his fingers.

He found he was straining to not run up to the apartment. He unlocked the door and then rushed inside. This place really needs a shining, he thought as he looked around at all the mess. But I don't have time for that, so I guess I'll just have to clean up a little...He stared collecting all of the mess in piles and then just threw them away someplace they wouldn't be in a closet.

He made his bed, only reminding himself that Alex and him would mess it up later anyway. He rushed into the bathroom, tearing off clothing to take a quick shower. He had obviously taken longer than he had thought, because the doorbell rang just as he stepped out of the shower. He bit his lower lip to hide the huge grin coming to his lips. He wrapped a towel around his slender waist and then hurried out into the hallway.

He almost ripped the door open and felt his smile grow even wider as he saw Alex standing there, leaning lazily against the wall. His jaw slid down a few inches as his eyes darted across Josh's nearly naked body. Water continued to drip from that suntanned body, collecting in a messy pile at his feet.

"Hi, gorgeous," Josh let his bottom lip go and grinned as he pulled Alex into his apartment and slammed the door shut. As he closed the door, he turned to face Alex, walking into him and locking his lips over the dark haired mans in an eager kiss.

Josh pulled off Alex's jacket and t-shirt, throwing the garments carelessly to the floor, kissing Alex hungrily as he jumped up and wrapped his legs around the young teacher's waist. The older man locked his arms around the other after stumbling backwards a few steps, and carried him into the bedroom, falling on the bed, Josh underneath him. Josh began pulling off the remaining bits of clothing, making a pile on the floor that was soon to be covered with Josh's damp towel.

Their lips never parted. Not even when Alex stretched out his hand to rummage through the bedside table to find the bottle of lubricant and box of condoms he knew resided there since his two earlier visits to Josh's apartment.

"I think...I l-love you," Josh gasped as Alex inserted one lubricant-coated finger and slowly started to prepare him.

"I love you, too, Josh," Alex answered as he kissed the blonde man hungrily once again, inserting another finger in him as he did so. Scissoring his two fingers so the other man was stretched out so it wouldn't hurt as much when the real thing entered, he smiled into the kiss as Josh writhed and squirmed, letting out moans of pleasure. "Stop that," he hissed and playfully hit Alx's arm. "I don't need that! What I need is you! So get your fingers out of my ass and fuck me."

"As you wish," Alex laughed. He ripped open a comdom pack, rolled the condom on, and then positioned himself between Josh's now spread thighs. The look of utter lust on the bartenders face proved that he was ready.

Josh slid his hands around Alex's neck and pulled him down for a passionate kiss, ending in a moan as Alex thrust into him and began to find a steady rhythm.

Alex found himself with one hand on Josh's right hip, the other buried in his hair. His hair was warm and wet, leaving a damp, dark mark against his pillow.

Josh mapped out every centimeter of Alex's mouth and pulled away, gasping for air. He let his eyes flutter closed as Alex started licking at his neck, biting softly.

But Alex stopped before Josh had the chance to come. "Wh...wh...?" he couldn't finish the word, but it didn't matter because suddenly something grasped his length, stroking softly as Alex began to build up speed with his thrusts once again.

Soon, it was over, Josh spilling over Alex and himself, neither seeming to care. Alex pulled out and settled on the other man. He pulled his hands away and kissed Josh sweetly, a definate change in what they had recently done.

He rolled off of Josh, pulling blankets out from underneath them. Josh curled up closer to Alex and purred, resemblling that of his cats, who had taken refuge at the end of the bed.


The next morning, Josh awoke to Alex fumbling for clothes. Stealing a glance at the clock, he saw it was six AM. He reached out a hand but only caught air. He opened his eyes, proving Alex had moved.

The blonde searched the room, but couldn't find his beloved teacher. "Alex!" he called loudly, voice filled with a bit of fear. There was no way he could think of this as another one-night stand. He had said he loved Josh, too. Unless he was just fucking with him.

"I'm in the kitchen, honey," came his reply. Josh got out of bed, and, realizing he was still uncovered, tore the top sheet from his bed before leaving the room.

Alex smiled at him as he entered the room. "Hey," he whispered, pulling the younger man into his arms and planted a kiss on his lips, one that sent shivers of comfort down Josh's spine.

"Where're you off to?" Josh asked, grabbing his shirt and bringing him closer.

"Work," Alex mumbled through another kiss.

"Mmm...Come over after?" the bartender asked, biting on Alex's lower lip lightly. The teacher nodded and sunk into the kisses before Josh pushed him away.

"We need to talk," Alex said, Josh still attached to him, fistfuls of his shirt still grasped within his fingers.

"I know. Go to work. We'll talk later," Josh gave him another lasting kiss, letting go of the other mans t-shirt at last. "I love you," he added, almost as an afterthought.

"I love you, too," Alex grinned at him as he left and closed the door behind him. Josh sunk into the chair, wondering when he had fallen in love with Alex and when he thought it'd be okay to actually voice this.

Not much like it mattered, though. Alex had said it back, which meant he was in a position to be hurt just as much.


The day dragged on painfully slow for Alex. Thankfully, he had few students due to the flu, and didn't have to do much teaching.

The end of the day could not have come any quicker. Alex was rushing from the school before kids were even out of his classroom.

"Alex!" someone called, as soon as a hand grasped the back of his shirt. "Alex! Where have you been, I haven't seen you in awhile,"

"Busy," Alex mumbled with a small smile, turning around. "I'll talk to you later. I...have something to do. See you tomorrow, bye," he rushed off again, leaving a very confused history teacher behind him.

Josh's apartment could not have been more welcomed. It was warm, leaving the current resident in only a t-shirt and boxers.

"You don't plan on staying that way, do you?" Alex asked, trying to keep his eyes off the younger man's legs. Well toned...long...

Josh grinned, sitting down on a chair and motioning Alex to do the same. "We never got to really talk...I still have some things to say...I...actually need to come clean about a few things," he looked a bit scared, afraid to tell Alex, almost as if he was afraid of Alex.

Alex focused his attention on Josh, forgetting he had unclothed legs underneath the table. "Say away,"

The bartender smiled, allowing Alex to give one back. "I..." silence. Alex suddenly felt a weird sensation in his stomach and reached across the table to take Josh's hand in his own.

"You can tell me," he whispered, giving the other man support. He swallowed, blinked, and nodded before going into the conversation.