Cruel Normalcy We all struggle to maintain life in this messed up world

Minimal amounts of peace can be obtained

Love and friendship…the only safety we can provide

While we're constantly exposed to harsh wars

Times with you I feel utmost happiness

I feel reality melt away and all I know is you

The way I break down and cry in front of you

Does it make you worried? Would you hold me?

What would you do to stop those tears?

And through all my fears the biggest one is hurting you

As I cry I worry about your feelings

I'm just like that…never thinking about myself

I wanted to face you, but at the same time I was scared to

I didn't know what you would do if I looked at you

You sit there and gently tell me not to cry

Reassuring me, and I feel so sorry even though you tell me I shouldn't be

I hate how our fucked up society thinks

I hate how I'm so close to you and I'm yanked away by the cruel hands of what we all call "normalcy"