water blue shines and shimmers
clarity is fleeting for those who aren't aware
fire cackles with the age of time
fear is more clear when angered

and taste is defined by what you expect
smell by what you get
sight matters only to those blind
hearing informs us of those less fortunate
the ability to speak doesn't lie
when all the words you form with lips too full
spell out Animalistic Tendancies and Anything Else

there was a spot over by the wall
but no one sits there because someone
yelled that it was cursed
even though it isn't

That is a fluke of nature
while There just points in a direction
but when you add a - Was after the There
you'll find a story in the making

mistakes are made and its hard to forgive
pride makes them tell tall tales
in hopes of making others forget
and when they get intrigued and
are uninformed
everybody gets a laugh at their expense
if only to ward off the bad luck.