Reincarnation is nowt but lie,
Pure result of a winter fever,
You're born and you live,
Then you lay down to die,
I didn't believe,
In the last life either

Try and remember who i used to be,
Can you get it down for me straight,
I need my years of memory back,
Ileft it optimistic in the old country,
Stuck in my cabin with thumbtacks,
Amillion stories etched on slate

I went back there once in a dream,
It lay in ruin, pillaged for gold,
I ran away to the dust-red ocean,
The surface sparkled with an eerie gleam,
I feel by body fall in one swift motion,
As I sink through the water, peace takes hold.

© Saxon Drury-Godden, 06.

If you're having trouble with understanding the rhyming scheme,

Line 1 rhymes with line 4
Line 2 rhymes with line 6
Line 3 rhymes with line 5