by: trista groulx

Once I felt I knew
All which my heart desired
Once I believed I knew
All of what I needed
Then my whole foundation
Was ripped out from below
I began to fear
I may never rebuild
Not without another's help
I could not do it alone
Thinking the power lay without
When before it always laid within
But when you feel
You know it all
You often blind your soul
And fall into falsities
Everything seems set in concrete
When you don't see the sand
Now the lessons I have learned
Are more valuable then any other
Still my path seems to be fogged
No clear choice is coming in to view
Despite all which has been rebuild
One brick still seems missing
Still it remains so far from view
And I know it needs to be found
Shall I start upon my quest
To find that final missing brick?
Will it make me whole again
Or will it be a new falsity?