For Jacob Andrews

A gentle rain is falling,
Dulling point of lightning's lance.
A day new dawned is calling
From a grand celestial dance.

The desperate dreamers waiting
Dare to dream of morrow's light,
And the darkling storm abating
Fades to clouds of tender white.

Still wilted, brown and broken
Seems the garden of the night,
But gentle rain new woken
Waters brighter blooms of light.

The golden rose of morrow
Dances in the new dawned day:
White and tender, soothing sorrow,
Guiding dreamers on their way.

The darkling storm is overthrown
By golden rose of dawn.
The shadowed night is now outshone,
The desperate dream is gone.

New breaking is the morrow.
New living are the slain.
Now dreamers wake from sorrow,
And gentle comes the rain.