Merely a name,

Is time,

In my little bubble,

It means nothing.

I have forever,

To make mistakes,

And learn from them,

I have all eternity,

To fall and get up on my own.

But when you

Really think about it,

You wonder.

How long is forever?

Does eternity actually exist?

Are you willing,

To spend both

All alone?

Questions we indeed ask,

But do we really want answers?

Are we ready for them?

Or do we ask only,

To fool ourselves into

Thinking that we care.

Foolishness comes for a price

And most humans are

Willing to pay it.

For this they will suffer,

So don't blame others if you,

Get hurt, broken or killed.

After all ignorance is bliss

You were willing to live in

All by yourself.

By Blessed oblivion.