this is my way of getting out a particulary lost emotion that i felt i dont think it is that good but please rate and review for me>

These ancient tears never ceased to fall; you just became oblivious to them all. These shattered pieces of broken hearts lye fragmented on the grass with blood stained razors and tear soaked bandages. Even now I sometimes lye awake with thoughts of all of this running raging through my mind tripping on all those solvents that rest on my brain. I stand just like any other broken soul. Come and play with me in this field of innocence till our eyelids close and our heads tire of the bliss of ignorance. Come and see what our live could have been. Come and see they way our lives are supposed to be. We were only 15. How were we to know that scars don't heal and memories don't fade? How were we to know that we weren't meant to trust our parents or friends? Who were we to question everything? Lets walk together through the garden of misgivings and ironic circumstances. Come talk with me through this acre of unforgiving land, where not even the worthy stand to hold a pure and innocent hand.