When did things get all confusing?

When did time decide not move

When did a crime become a punishment?

When did our lives become a fool?

Why is everything so confusing?

Why have we all just quit?

Why can't we figure out what's wrong here?

Why can't we fix what we did?

What happened to everything being simple?

What happened to our lives being a game?

What happened to" ignorance is bliss"?

What happened to the young being safe?

Why should things be so confusing?

Why can't we get back on line?

Why is everyone fighting a demon?

When did people decide not to cry?

When did they decide to punish the innocent?

Where did they decide that murderers deserve a second chance?

When did a life punishment become 30years?

Why did the law become a pawn in the government's game?

When did friendships become a chore?

Where did hatred become a part of life?

How did love become trauma?

Why did trust become a crossable line?

How did we end up dying?

When did they decide we were the cancer to flush out?

When did our own people turn against us?

Where were the atomic bombs made anyhow?

When did we decide to group each individual?

When did "Muslim" become terrorist?

Why did we decide to blank the families of the committed?

How did we choose that even the victim's were part of the crime?

When did politics become so corrupt?

Why did the law become so one sided?

Where did the guilty get let free too?

Why are their people dying from no fault of their own?

Things have become so confusing

Things have started to become a game

When things were never meant to be broken

And even we were allowed to be the same.