Well I hope your not blinded by the lights

As my life fades down the path

The darkness spreads throughout the clouds

Forcing a strangled path

Pulling me closer

I hope you understand that this is the monster

It resides inside my tongue

Condemning me to walk this path

Of red hot coal

And cobbled bare stones

The lightening flashes

My heart crashes

These tears fall from my disillusioned eyes

Is this really what its like to die

The strangulated gasping breaths

Echo resounding in my head

Screaming through my bones

Splitting the wounds of terror further from reality

The rocks have fallen

Crashed into the cratered graves

Gravestones cast in marbles

Lye glittering in the fire light of your eyes

Tormented angular souls

Walk these paths of mass chaos and destruction

Filling their empty lives with those suicidal tendencies

Created by the very hands that cast their lives to such joy

The monster reside inside my head

Flowing through my blood

Emitting pain educed images

For the shadow to seal its deadly kiss

Filling my veins with thoughts of death

Creating my own path to stumble down half drunk

Featuring my own life played out to its end

The monster resides inside all of us

It's the thoughts that lye forbidden inside of you

Its that locked cage inside your head

It's the key that lies around your neck

It's the lies that you told

It's the tears that you cried

It's the nights that you died

The crossed out lines

And dotted paths

The strangulated path is growing old

The soul-searching death ridden

Ugly, uninspiring , angst ; living

Create such a nice way of dying.