No Bravery (from the song by James Blunt)

The bullets pounded into the hard ground. Pouring like rain from the black sky. The pedestrians looked on through their darkened windows at the soldiers who tried to defend themselves against the rage and aggression of the black pellets. Blood spattered their cargo uniforms and their own wounds bled out leaving red stains dried onto their skin.

Flames burst from a nearby building as a bomb was dropped the power shook them and made many loose their balance as the others balanced to keep the intruders art bay. Their usually dry eyes were drenched in tears as the families mourned for more lost lives of their loved ones. Mothers and children caught in an embrace as the explosions and bullets continued to pound down upon them. Creating a perfect picture of hell on earth.

As the soldiers trudged onwards and out of the city the families are left. Digging shallow graves to give their fathers brothers, husband children a resting death. They were innocent. They had done nothing wrong. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong job. Blood covered cobbles line the streets white candles burn to show respect as the lives are ended by a futile war.