1First Day of School

It's 8:00 a.m.. School is about to start. Everyone was in the halls rushing to class. The freshmen were getting lost in the crowd. I had band 1st period. I already knew where my class was. I had band 1st period last year. I was staying out in the band hall waiting for people cause Ayaka already left for class. I saw Lizzy running down the hall. "HI LIZZY!!" I ran to her and gave her a hug. "Hi Sara!" We walked into the classroom together.

I look around. Almost everyone who was in the band last year was here this year except for Nathan and Zack. They quit the band this year. There was a couple of freshmen in class that was new this year.

Julianne walked into the classroom. "Hi Julianne." I walked toward her. "Hi" Julianne said very softly. The class was in an uproar. "Lizzy is already here" I told Julianne. We went toward Lizzy. Gary, Justin and Stephanie were already there. "Hi guys!!" I yelled with excitement.

Mr. Minor stood in front of the class trying to get everyone quiet and to take a seat. Only a few students were sitting. Lizzy, Gary, Julianne, Justin, Stephanie and I went to go sit down. We all sat in the second row. Lizzy sat between Gary and Stephanie. Stephanie sat between Lizzy and Justin. Julianne sat between Justin and me. I sat at the end next to Julianne. Everyone else in the class started to settle down. Everyone sat down five minutes after eight.

"Ok, So how was everyone's summer?" Mr. Minor said. He looked at everyone. Everyone looked like they were off in daydreaming. No one said anything. The teacher turned a little bit red. "Hi, I'm Mr. Minor." People in the back row whispered to each other. I looked at Lizzy, she looked like she was listening to him. Same with Gary, Stephanie and Justin. Julianne was off daydreaming. I wasn't paying attention. All I could hear was blah, blah, blah. I tuned him out a couple minutes later. I looked up at the teacher to see if he was still talking. I thought to myself. "Damn, he's still talking. I wonder if he realizes no one is listening...well only a couple but barely anyone." I looked at the clock. The bell doesn't ring until 8:50. It was only 8:20. "This class feels so long. There's 30 minutes left. I can't wait till this class is over." Mr. Minor kept talking. I looked at the clock again. It said 8:48. Just two more mins. Then two mins past and the bell rang. Everyone got up and left.

Julianne and I we're looking at our schedule. I looked at Julianne. "So what do you have next?" I asked Julianne. "I have Dance next, how a bout you?" I looked at my schedule really fast. "Biology next." I looked at the doors for the numbers. "Here's my class. See you at lunch" I told Julianne. I went into the class. I sat down at an empty desk. I stared at the door waiting for someone I know or who I'm friends with to come in. I saw Corey come through the door. He saw me and sat next to me. "Hey, so we have biology together huh? That's cool. I wonder who else has this class." I said. I kept looking at the door. Ayaka came through the door. Ayaka saw Corey and me. There was an empty desk in front of us. She sat in front of me. "Hi Ayaka. So how was your summer?" I asked her. She smiled. "Good, yours?" I smiled. "Ok, could be better. Did you go anywhere during the summer?" She thought for a second. "I went to LA." "That's cool. How was it?" "It was ok." Some random person sat next to Ayaka. All the seats were taken.

The teacher stood in front of the class. Everyone went quiet. "Hi, I'm Mrs. Walken. I'm your biology teacher for this. I'm gonna go around the class and ask for your names." She starts on the right side of the class. Corey started talking to me. "I'm so happy to be back." I smiled. "Same here. I miss seeing everyone every day almost." I told Corey. Mrs. Walken was getting closer. Someone came through the door. It was Patty.

I thought to myself. "What is Patty doing here? I thought she went to Monte Vista. Maybe she got transferred here." Ayaka looked confused too. The teacher looked up. "Hi, Can I help?" Patty looked at her schedule. "I'm supposed to be in this class. Sorry I'm late. I got lost. This is my first time here. I got transferred schools." The teacher looked around for an open sit. All the seats were taken. "Just pull up a chair at a desk." Patty got a chair. She pulled it up next to mine. "Hi Patty. So you're going to Carlmont now huh? That's awesome" I said to Patty. Mrs. Walken came up to Ayaka's desk. "What's your name?" She looked at Ayaka. "I'm Ayaka." Then next to Ayaka. "I'm Rachel." Then she came to our desk. She looked at Patty. "I'm Patty." She looked at me. "I'm Sara." Then at Corey. "I'm Corey." She moved on. We talked quietly. Then the teacher was finish asking for people names.

She walked to the front of the class. "The seats you are in will be your sits for now. So stay in them or else." The bell rang. We left. "Ayaka, what do you have next?" I asked her. She looked at her schedule. "Safety Ed. You?" She asks me. "Same here. How a bout you Patty?" She looked at her schedule. "I have Dance." "That's awesome. Corey?" "I have Math next." We all had to spilt up but we'll meet back at lunch. I thought to myself. "Just two more periods till lunch."

We walked into class. Ayaka and I sat next to each other. Brianna walked in. It was the bitchy one. Both Ayaka and I didn't like her. She complained way too much. She annoys both of us. Alexis was also in the same class. They of course, sat next to each other. "Damn, we have the same class as Brianna and Alexis. This sucks" I said to Ayaka. Ayaka looked at them. "Yeah, it's gonna be annoying" Ayaka said. "Let's hope they might not be annoying. I seriously doubt that though" I told Ayaka. The class started. The class went by kinda fast. The bell rang. Ayaka and I walked out together.

"What do you have next?" I asked her. I looked at her. She looked at her schedule. "Weight Training, you?" "I have English." "Ok. I have to go this way. See you at lunch." We both separated. I saw Nathan. I tried to catch up with him.

"Hey Nathan. What's up?" We walked for a while together. "English, you?" "English too." We walked into class together. We sat next to each other. "We have the same class. That's cool." He agreed. Mike walked in followed by Patty. I waved to Patty and Mike. Mike sat next to Nathan and Patty sat next to me. We talked quietly for a while. Then the class went dead silently. It was a little bit creepy.

The teacher stood in front of the class. She was weird looking. She had her hair in a tight bun, huge, grey glasses that were on the tip of her nose, a loose grey shirt with a black skirt. She had a ruler in her hand. "Hello class. I'm Miss Pilksin. I'm your English teacher for this year. Please take out a sheet of paper and write down the rules that are on the board. Break any of these rules and you'll be forced to write the rules 50 times. It will add on if you continue to break the rules." Everyone started to write down the rules.

1. Stay in your assign seats

2. Do not talk anytime during class

3. No food, drinks or gum in class

4. No hats, sunglasses or bandanas

5. No passing notes

Everyone finished. Miss Pilksin looked down at everyone. "Everyone finished? Good, now have your parent or guardian signs it and bring it back by tomorrow. Now you guys can talk." She left the class. I looked at Patty. "I don't like this teacher already. She sounds harsh." Patty agreed. "So do you want to meet everyone?" She smiled. "Yes! I can't wait." The bell rang for lunch. Everyone ran out the class. Patty and I were the last ones to leave. We headed down to where Ayaka was. Corey was with Ayaka. "Hey guys." "Hi!, Corey is in weight training with me" Ayaka told me. I smiled. "That's awesome!" Corey came over to me and hugged me. An announcement came on. "Will Patty, Justin, Corey, Sara, Ayaka, Lizzy, Gary and Danielle please come to the office. Thank you"