1Good Bye

Robert looked around the room speechless. "What happened in here?" He asked. He spotted Marcus's body and the puddle of blood. I looked over my shoulder at Marcus's body. Tears started up in my eyes. I turned my head back around fast. I looked down at the floor.

Lizzy woke up. She looked up at me. "I'm going to call the police" Robert said. I looked up at him. He turned and ran to the nearest phone. Everyone else woke up. I went to the bathroom to clean my self up. I looked at my hands. My hands were covered in blood.

I started to weep. I watched off the blood. I had blood in my hair and other parts of my body. I decided to take a shower. I toward my room. Police blocked off my room. "I need to gt my clothes" I said to them. "We need to ask you some questions" The officer told me. "Well, can it wait till I wash off the blood. Last night wasn't the best night. Actually, I hate my life. Shot me" I ordered him. "Wash your self off. I'll get your clothes" He told me.

I stood there waiting. I crossed my arms. "Here you go miss. Please hurry" He said. I headed toward the bathroom. I took off my blood stained clothes. I separated them from my clean clothes.

I got into the shower. I washed off the blood. I watched the blood fall into the drain.

"So. Tell me what happen last night?" The officer asked. Tears filled up my eyes again. A headache started to form in my head. "Well. I got home from a funeral. The funeral was for two people. My best friend Patty and my other friend Gary. I took a shower than headed off to bed. I turned off the light." I paused. I wanted to cry. "What happened next?" The officer said impatiently.

"I saw something in the corner of my room. I said hello but no one answered. I turned on my lamp. I got up and went to check out the dark corner the person stood. Someone grabbed me. They told me they loved me. They held me in their arms for a little bit. It ended up to be Marcus. I love Marcus so much. Anyways, he was blaming himself for the death of my friends. He was there while my friends died. Anyways, he told me he loves me then raised the gun to his. Then he shot himself. I tried to stop him" I said. At that point I was half sobbing.

The officer was trying to calm me down. "Please calm down madame" the officer instructed. I refused too. I took a breath. "I watched my luv killed himself" I said to him. The officer sighed in frustration. "Thank you for your cooperation. You may move on now" He said to me.

I got up and ran to the kitchen. I didn't feel like eating. I opened up the knife drawer. I saw a knife with a heart on the handle. Tears fell onto it.

I picked it up and stared at it. I heard someone came into the kitchen. "Sara?" Justin said. "What are you" He stopped talking. He looked down at the knife in my hand. "Sara, give me that knife" Justin ordered. I shook my head. I started to back away from him.

"No, Sara, give me that KNIFE" He shouted. "NO!" I said. I raised the knife than stabbed myself in the heart. I fell to the ground. "Good bye Justin" I said. Everything went dark.

Justin stood in the kitchen stunned of what he just saw. Justin ran out of the kitchen to find the police officer. The officer ran into the kitchen. The officer looked at my dead body. He got closer. He found a note in my left hand. "There's a note" the officer said.

He took the note out of my hand. The officer gave it to Justin. The note said:

To everyone, I'm sorry. Love you all, Sara.